The Gothic Tarot by Vargo - Six Of Cups


A woman, dressed in white, is sitting on the step of a vault, in a cemetary, holding a book and reading it. The door of the vault has two guardians: on the left an angel and on the right a skeleton with wings; it also has a cross on the door. On top of the door, two latin words are written: Noctem Aeternus. Three cups stands on her left side and three other cups on her right side.

aeternus eternus : eternal, everlasting, without end.

noct.em N 3 3 ACC S F
nox, noctis N F
night (prima nocte => early in the night) (multa nocte => late at night)

This woman is spending her time enjoying simple pleasures like reading a good book. This is a quiet and happy moment.


Along the top and bottom of the gates, is the inscription, “Noctem Aeterous Somnus Mortem”, which serves to remind us “Night Eternal Sleep of the Dead”. Sleep = Dreams and Memories.

You know that song from ‘Cats’ that nobody listens to, and is always played by schmaltzy DJ’s at the wrong time because they have never listened to it? “Memories” It’s the song Griselda sings as she dies.

Now that to me is the essence here, not just of memories of when alive, but coming to terms with them – like the ghost on the steps reading the story of her life – because night is eternal in the sleep of the dead, so best make peace with our own memories…


A few more things...

On the left side above SOMNUS (sleep) there is a human angel. On the right side, above MORTEM (dead, or the dead) is a skeletal angel.

There is a crown in the crest in the center of the arch.

The fence around her is broken down, but the gate is solid and probably locked (there's a keyhole).

This may well be the door to her own monument or family sarcophogus or whatnot. The cups being physical offerings to those who are now nothing physical, and wholely etherial.

The ghost is either not aware of these gifts left or indifferent to them, too involved in the reading she's doing.


I drew this card today. Most of my other decks are RW based, so this was a very different 6 of cups for me to interpret. I havent been doing much daily cards recently, but today it felt necessary and i think i know why.
At the moment, i'm the girl with the book - which ironicly isnt what i've been doing lately. I've been working my ass off for the past week and been ignoring my cards, and my boyfriend. The gate is there and when i get in from work i have time to be with my boyfriend or my cards, but work has just taken over my life at the moment. I get in and all i think is work, and all anyone talks to me about is work - talk about a one track life!!
Another card i got this morning (the 2 fell out) was the 2 of Pentacles.
The gate isnt holding things she feels duty bound to, but things she loves doing, only, we all know what its like when you get engrossed in a good book! Only with me its a job that is very busy at the moment :p The gate is of things that are everlasting, the things you love are always there for you, like tarot decks and books, only you are the one thats preventing you from doing it. The angels both know that at times you wont have the time or energy to do these things, so they guard your precious things for when you want to return to them again.

This deck is straight talking to me, but not in an agressive and brutal way, but its whispering its thoughts to me all the time. Its soo nice to have my decks by me again.



I feel the angelic figure of the statued woman looks similar to the ghostly women reading the book. I definately feel this is her place of sanctuary, her mortuary, grave etc. Is she inside it already? the gate is locked she does not want to leave for she is happy and content to read her book. I pondered this for some time. Is this a gate we are walking up to and behind it is her grave or are we seeing her in it and behind the gate is the outside world? I feel she is inside. But the cups of possible
"offering" make me wonder. Does anyone else ntoice the vine growing over the other skeleton statue. It looks like its got new growth on it, in comparison to the rest of the vines. I can definately see renewel here but she is oblivious?


Six of Cups

This card has a lot of things in it to be studied. The scene seems to be either at some sort of shrine or more than likely a mausoleum. The wrought iron gate is in the gothic style with a Celtic Cross as the center piece. Upon the archway overhead is written the following words. (Latin) “Noctem Aeterous”, which roughly translates into Night Eternal. On the right side of the arch (your left) stands the statue of an angel. She seems to be resting with her hands crossed over her chest. Beneath her are scribed the word “Somnus”, which means Sleep. On the other side of the archway stands a very similar figure except this one is a skeleton in robes. Below this one is scribed the word “Mortem”, which means Dead. To that I had to say…”Duh”. The spirit of a woman sits on the entrance stair to the mausoleum. On each side of her sit three chalices. She is reading a book. There is a thick fog rolling on the ground, and her dress blends into the fog. She has a look of comfortable satisfaction upon her face.

She gives me the feeling that she is reliving a very happy moment in her life. She loved sitting in the park, on a bench, and reading. I can imagine a nice warm sunshiny day, with a slight and cooling breeze blowing at her back. Maybe she had some grapes or plums to munch on while she enjoyed her afternoon in the park. Now she is far from that park, but mausoleum stair is close enough and within her haunting area. The detail put into the entrance to the crypt itself is pretty amazing. It brings to mind an old saying about sleep being little slices of death…. This card makes me wonder if this spirit has some free will and has chosen to read this book, or is this particular scene a prelude to her demise and if we stand and watch longer we will witness more than we bargained for.


Looking at the card, I feel it's pretty aery. I feel that the "ghost" is doing one of her hobby (or personnal study?). I find the scene a sense of serenity and peace.

Of course, the message written on the arch can be termed as "dark" and "sinister" by some people. But I think it's add to what the "ghost" is doing. She is reading. For me, reading always have a certain connection with thinking. Reading can open our minds, can makes us discover new things, etc...


I love this card, I loved it when I first opened the deck. I want to knock a few cups aside and sit with her, and ask her what she's reading.

Six of cups traditionally shows us memories, that which has gone before and is being loving recalled once again. I think she loved reading all her life, and never kicked the habit, even in death. She mimics what she did before in life (her own past), perhaps in an attempt to relive those peaceful moments.

I see the passage of time illustrated in the pillars, the one to her right being youthful and angelic, the one to her left, cadaverous.


"Noctem Aeternus Somnas Mortem" - translates to "Night eternal sleep of the Dead" ... How did you guys figure a translation?


darkiscross said:
"Noctem Aeternus Somnas Mortem" - translates to "Night eternal sleep of the Dead" ... How did you guys figure a translation?

Ask Umbrae ;)