The Gothic Tarot by Vargo – Ten Of Swords


A skeleton is lying on the ground, ten swords through his body.

Well, if the skeleton wasn't dead before, now it's dead, really dead.


There is no spirit hovering about this skeleton – it is, as WolfyJames said – truly dead – over…



Ten of Swords

There is a prone skeleton with it’s skull facing towards the viewer. The position of the body is such that it seems to have been in that position before the ten swords were put through the flesh. Since there is no longer any flesh, it is obvious that the corpse has been here a long time. (Don’t worry, I won’t be rushing out to join CSI anytime soon….)

Based on sword placement, I would guess that this was done in a less than random manner. The blades are stuck right through the spine in a number of places and through the temple and the back of the jaw as well. The strength behind the swords must have been incredible. The victim must have been of significance to the killer, because of the viciousness of the coup de grace and the fact that it was left in this manner for so long. It almost seems to me that the perpetrator comes back to this scene, like some sort of shrine. Of course, this could always be the corpse of a vampire, and if those swords are ever removed, he could come back. But I don’t see any fangs……


Well, it's difficult to be more death than that! Maybe it's the result of a human sacrifice? Or a ritual killing. Makes me think of the case of the Solar Temple. They had been a excluded family that was killed for some reason when they had their first mass massacer.

But the swords are associated with air and the intellect. Maybe the image imply the dead of the ego? The mind animate the body, so if the mind goes out of the body, maybe the body cease to fonction?

For sure, it's the end of something and I don't think there will be no coming back! The end of a era