The Gothic Tarot by Vargo - The cards you like the least


Not everything is perfect, there are probably cards in the deck you don't like, or feel it doesn't match with the rest of the deck. Let's discuss about this here.

Again, I don't have time for this now but I'll be back later to tell you which cards I like less.


The cards I like the least, there aren't many.

- The Sun: Well, I don't really like this card, I don't get much out of it.

- The Hanged Man: I think I mentionned I would have liked the card better if it would have been in a cemetary, and this bat creature hanged from a dead tree. I still think so.

- Justice: The character appears blunt on the card, I can't really see her expression, she doesn't wear much and she has a lot of muscles. I don't know, I just think that too much muscles is not feminine. Whether she is an angel or a vampire, she doesn't need muscles to raise that sword over her head. She's not human and she can raise and swing that sword with her little finger. That's just my opinion, of course. Vargo had something else in mind.


Knight of Wands - A knight in a bad helmet stands on a slain snake. I just dont like this card on some primal level ... I can't even explain why it bugs me. I just look at it, frown and flare my nostrils at it.

And Justice, I agree. That one bugs me. It looks somewhat out of place with the rest of the deck to me.


My least favourite is the Knight of Wands too.
The hero that has slain the dangerous animal ? It does not seem to fit with the rest of the deck in which the beasts and the humans / humanlike creatures are on the same side.
But I think what I hate most is that the knight has his face all covered.

And I don't really get the High Priestess and the 9 of cups - why bring an Egyptian theme into the deck ?


The Hanged Man - This card is just empty.

The Wheel of Fortune - It doesn't say anything to me and in my opionion doesn't fit with the rest of the deck.

5 of Swords - This card doesn't have anything of the cool atmosphere of the rest. I think it's disgusting and the expression of the jester is plain mean.

9 of Cups - So far I just don't get this card.


Yeah The 9 of Cups and The Hanged man... oh how it coulda been so much better.


Cards that just don't do it for me.....

Least meaningful: The Chariot - Although this is a picture of a carriage, very little of the sybolism of the chariot exists, and it is a stretch to make this mean the same as the tarot standard.

Lamest art: The Hanged man - All I can say is WTF??????

Could of tried harder card: Ten of Swords - Yup it is a skeleton, so he is dead...Oh!!! and there are 10 swords in it.


Me, it's the wheel of fortune that bugs me. It's look tame to me, compared to other cards.

the knight of wands seems to be a bit too much on the apocalipse side to me...

Phantom Goddess

I never cared for the hanged man myself...


I'm still new to this deck, and although I love it (Vargo is one talented artist) I have to say that there are certain cards that I'm still trying to understand. Aside from agreeing with everyone who mentioned the Hanged Man, the ones that I just don't get are:

(All just my humble opinion, of course.)
The Wheel of Fortune: A nice design, but unfortunately not much else in my eyes. It just leaves me cold.

The Devil: In my opinion this is just an odd card. He looks sort of strange all beaming with that fluorescent lime green light and the two chained skeletons don't really bring to mind the fleshiness and sex of the Devil card as well as the man and woman do.

The IX of Cups: Although I think that the Egyptian theme for the High Priestess was ok, it didn't really work for me on this card. It just seems so out of place. Plus it's also a little difficult to see it in any connection with the whole "wish card" idea.