The Gravenchase Lenormand


Lol I think it's a case of two (and maybe more) people stumbling upon the same idea. :D That said, I like that deck too. :) I wonder where he got his images? It's a bit hard to find sources for inspiration for some of the cards (like the ring!).

yep! same time same ideas happen all the time!^^:)) and there is a link so you can ask directly!^^ :)) and talking about the ring he did exactly what I was thinking! ring-u70760.png
get out the box and used circle with romantic couple scene?!^^ lolz
but not sure experienced lenormand readers like that?!^^ as I get impression they prefer clear and simple images without any extra/a contre to our artistic taste?!^^ lolz
wish we hear more feedback here,,,, maybe we should post links for more lenormand oriented forums?x,x lolz :))

Aster Breo

I don't love this Ring card. It doesn't evoke the idea of commitments and contacts for me.

Aster Breo

To me, that reads more like a sun. And it's too overtly religious for my tastes.

I think the Ring needs to be the kind of ring that's worn on a finger. That's the traditional image, and that's what symbolizes commitment.

Just my $0.02, of course. ;-)


Still plodding along. Had a costuming commission that threw my schedule off track, but that's finished now. Plus I'm finding it really difficult to adjust to the drawing style for this deck (I miss outlining! :D I had to force myself not to outline even with my previous deck project, the Tarocchi di Marcelo Inciso). Here'e some updates I recently posted in my "studio's" FB page. If you're on FB, you can search for updates using the #GravenChase and #GravenChaseLenormand hashtags (not sure if I can post FB links here).



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Aster Breo

Beautiful! I particularly like the Fish card.


Thank you! :)

I really hope to finish this deck soon! I'm waaay past the deadline I set myself for this project. :D


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Very pretty all these cards! :love: I can give you an idea about extra cards, another man card and another woman card, that are different from the other main ones, would allow to make readings about gays and lesbians and their significant others.