The Haunted House Tarot Spread



1. Sinister Steps: What risks are you afraid of taking?
2. Witch’s Cackle: What does your inner voice want you to know?
3. Creaking Chains: What is weighing you down?
4. Ghostly Moans: What are you tired of hearing?
5. Slammed Doors: What path has run its course?
6. Fogged Mirror: What aren’t you seeing clearly?
7. Shadowy Figure: What is haunting you from your past?
8. Secret Passage: How can you unlock your full potential?

I am the sole designer and original creator of this spread.


Oh this came at the right time! Definitely going to try this today. Thank you for sharing!!


Oh what fun! Thankyou. :)


love this!!!

Essence of Winter

I love the names of the positions. I will definitely try this spread.


Lovely spread! Thanks! I'll definitely try it!