The Hecate Trivia Spread


Hello everyone!!!

Today I would love to share with you all a spread that I have come up with under the guidance of my loving and powerful matron, Hecate. I had an idea for a spread, but it was very scatterbrained at first and I was lost, so I cast up a circle and asked for a nudge in the right direction.

In return, she has graciously gifted me a wonderful spread that is comprehensive, easy to read, and gets to the root of future events and why they occur. I feel very honored and privileged to share it with you all today!!!

The purpose of the thread is to find out how a situation can play out in 3 phases. All phases happen in a beginning, a middle, and an end phase.

The 3's and the 4's are crossed cards like in a Celtic Cross, starting with a vertical 3 and a horizontal 4.


This is where it gets tricky. All of the cards are read starting with 1, but are read from the bottom. I will be posting them in the order in which they are read.

1 - You in your current state in regards to your question: "the querent"
10 - The start of the first phase
11 - How the middle of the phase plays out, basically, what will happen just before the turning point in the phase.
12 - The catalyst that ushers in the end phase. This is the event or turn you will look for to see how the end phase plays out.
13 - How everything will look for you after the catalyst event.

Notice how the phase in the middle forms a sort of four way crossroads shape, like the cross in the Celtic Cross. It's the choices you make in this crossroads that will affect what else will happen and how the events will play out.

The next phase is the crucial middle phase. Think of this in terms of the moon phases. While the previous phase was waxing, this is where things will start really taking fruition.

6 - How things look now after the first phase has ended
7 - The climax of the phase itself. The highest point of action.
8 - The catalyst that decides how the event itself will manifest.
9 - The end of the middle phase.

The final phase is what will happen towards when you are closest to accomplishing your goals.

2 - How things look after the middle phase. Usually a good indicator of whether or not you will get what you desire.
3 - The beginning of the end.
4 - The catalyst that determines the final outcome
5 - End phase

14 - The final outcome, as in, how you will be affected once all three phases play out.

Can this spread be applied for advice? The answer is ABSOLUTELY YES.

Look at the two side columns. They represent Hecate's dual torches. The flame itself is controlled, but it's strength and outcome are only decided by the base of the torch itself. Think of yourself as the flame, and think of all of the other cards beneath the querent card and the final outcome card as advice spaces that will light your way. These are going to be the building blocks of your foundation that will lead you to happiness.

For advice, simply look to the end phase and beginning phase cards, and compare them to the cards representing yourself. Ask yourself "Is this the outcome I want?" If not, look to the cards beneath it for advice. A reversed empress may mean a manipulative mother figure controlling your life you need to shake of, for example.

You can also look to the catalyst cards. Ask yourself "What can I avoid to avoid a negative outcome?" The catalysts themselves are the events that will take place to usher in the end of each phase. If you got the tower as an end phase, for example, look to the catalyst card, and you will know exactly what to avoid. If a knight, for example, is crossing you in the middle, and you get the tower or a reversed justice in the end phase card, for example, you know that this is a person you must avoid under any and all circumstances.

I find this spread to be useful for spellwork, especially, but it is useful under MANY circumstances and can be applied for all things. I will try to edit my post later on to get a picture up so you can visually see what it looks like.

Love and Light,