The Hermit, king of Cups, and love cards surrounding my ex?


I'm new to this forum, but I think this is the right place to post this question, since I'm asking more about individual cards' meanings and I didn't do a full reading.

I'm in the aftermath of a really messy breakup. My ex & I broke up solely because we didn't think we could do long distance, and I still really cared for him. However, after the breakup he really betrayed my trust and stabbed me in the back.

I was asking some questions the other day regarding my future ability to relate to him. The questions & answer cards were as follows:

Will I ever be able to trust him again? The Hermit
SHOULD I trust him again? King of Cups
What does he feel towards me? Ace of Cups
Will he reach out & try to make things right? Knight of Cups

These answers seem really me, the Hermit is a cautious yes, saying that with time & introspection on both sides, trust could be repaired. I could see the King of Cups going both ways - either a warning that my emotions are unbalanced right now and I shouldn't be attempting to do something painful, or as a suggestion that eventually I will be able to get my emotions under control and trusting him will be less dangerous.

The Ace & Knight of Cups kind of freaked me out, because they both seem to be yeses that are pointing towards romance. The Ace of cups could be saying he is realizing again that he loves me. The knight of Cups could be saying he's going to be that romantic character that gets in touch with his own emotions and goes & gets what he wants.

I feel like I'm too close to this issue & these questions to see the full picture. Any help from more experienced readers with any of the cards as they relate to my questions would be much appreciated. Thank you guys so much!


Moderator question: number of cards drawn?

Greetings, cherrycocacora, and welcome to Aecletic Tarot. We're very happy to have you. Congratulations, as well, on your first post. We hope to help you out.

And thank you as well for reading over our guidelines. We very much appreciate that, and you did a great job in providing interpretations! This is a most excellent start.

We do want to correct one point about whether or not this post belongs in Using Tarot Cards or Your Readings: We define a reading as putting down cards to understand a given thing or situation, no spread required. So, you did do a reading. Whether your post should be in the Using Tarot Cards forum or the Your Readings forum, however, isn't realated to whether or not you did a reading. What matters is whether you posted a full reading or a partial reading.

If you named all the cards you laid down to understand your future ability to relate to this person, then you did a "Full Reading" and the post should be in Your Readings. If you named half or less of the cards you laid down (meaning, in this case, you put down at least eight cards), then this post is in the right place.

So...are these all the cards you laid down regarding this topic?

Thirteen, co-moderator Using Tarot Cards