The HIDDEN LIGHT Tarot Needs Your Input


hi everyone,
Thanks in no small part to guidance from this community, I'm in full-swing creating my elemental, fey, Jewitchy deck, the Hidden Light. If you'd like to support its manifestation, you can do so here:
I already have most of the major arcana designed, and will be sharing sneak peeks periodically there, on Instagram, and on

That said, I'm curious how other deck creators have handled the names of the a) major arcana and b) court cards. My deck is very earthy and informed by queer perspectives and immanent spirituality, and I'm up in the air about how to handle the traditional hierarchical titles and structure of these parts of the deck. On the one hand, why have an "Empress" and "Emperor" if you don't want to affirm empire?? But, on the other, a title like "The Empress" still evokes mystery and power to me.

It's a similar situation with the court card titles: even being aware of some of the mystical symbolism, court hierarchies leave me cold politically and spiritually. And yet, titles like "Page" and "Queen" remain powerful. I've developed some evocative alternative titles/stations, but I haven't decided yet which I'll go with. How have others handled this?

Thank you!


This may or may not be of any insight, but The Science Tarot (which I have on my list of "to purchase") has an interesting frame on the courts. Their framework of the court is free of the traditional hierarchy/gender norms: researchers and storytellers instead of pages and queens, etc. Granted, I think this structural decision was made because they used actual scientists and science celebrities for the courts and felt odd labeling actual, contemporary-ish people as pages and kings (as opposed to a rethinking of power paradigms), but still useful to think about. Or maybe there are people/characters from fey/Jewish tradition you can use in a similar manner and just have a collection of 16 specific characterspersonalities, rather than 16 general personality types.

Scroll down to the bottom for a more detailed explanation on the courts in The Science Tarot:

(I wonder, also, what a deck would look like where the 16 courts were instead mapped on to the 16 MBTI types, but this might not be the deck for that.)