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Hi to all,
I need assistance with the card's image as I am blind and don't know this card. In order for me to interpret what I see, then I need to know the description of the card.
Any and all help would be welcomed.
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Description of the DruidCraft The High Priest

The High Priest sits in a high-backed, wooden chair. The chair back is ornately carved with Celtic knot work, and the armrests have human faces. A set of bull’s horns with the fur rests on top of his chair. On the seat of the chair is a hide of thick fur that matches that of the bull’s horns. He is seated in a low area between two huge, mossy boulders - or mountain sides. A large rock serves as a foot rest.

Behind and above him, the sky is bright with scattered billowy clouds. Directly above the bull’s horns is the round yellow sun. Lower to the horizon, and far behind him, the sky is a warmer color with very thick clouds.

His chair is positioned on an area of large flat rock and to the right (his left) the rock is higher and serves as a table. Upon it are a silver chalice and a short, wide, silver sword (athame). The blade of the athame is pointing behind him.

The High Priest sits with both feet on the ground, one upon the rock that I mentioned. His left hand is resting on the arm of the chair with his fingers curled under like a fist. His right arm is raised up high with the first and little finger pointing up, his thumb holding the middle fingers down - the ‘Horned God’ sign of blessing. He looks directly at us with a powerful gaze.

He has long sandy red hair, mustache, and a beard that reaches his clavicle. His tunic has short sleeves that seem to be rolled up and shows a golden color lining. It is belted down with a large leather belt. The belt has an ornate buckle, and also holds one side of his plaid wrap. The huge wrap is draped over his left shoulder and falls down behind him, hangs over the armrest and blows in the wind. His pants are checkered green and are tucked into some red leggings that cover the tops of his fitted leather shoes.

His ornamental wear include -
A triangle shaped breast plate with the triple-spiral motif. On his left of the breastplate is a bear claw pendant that has been connected to a strip of leather with ornate metal pieces. His shirt is clasped together with two metal pins that look like a man’s bow-tie, one just under his beard and the other just above his belt. His raised right arm has a thick, manly, slip-on type bracelet on the wrist.

At the bottom of the card on the right is a leafy Ash branch with a clump of seed pods that hang down (about the size of fingers). On the left side is a leafy branch of an Oak with some green acorns. A Wren is perched on the oak branch.

I will post info on the Ash, Oak and Wren later.


The Oak Tree
Oak trees offer more shelter and food to wildlife than any other of our native trees. Botanists have catalogued over 300 different species of insect and small animal that make direct use of the oak’s flowers, leaves, fruit, bark and roots. Other creatures including small birds, squirrels, dormice, wood mice, wood pigeons gravitate to the tree in turn to feed on these insects.

The Ash Tree
Over three hundred years ago the diarist John Evelyn (1620 – 1706) highlighted the importance of the ash tree in agriculture with this summation: “The farmer cannot be without ash for his carts, ladders and other tackling, from the pike, spear and bow, to the plough.” This importance was reflected in local folklore which guided that if you laid a circle of ash twigs around you as you slept it would form a natural barrier to defend against adders, then an extremely common snake.

The bark of ash was commonly brewed to form a liquor that was used as a traditional medicine for numerous ailments including sore throats. Modern analysis has found that ash bark contains quinine which is used in tropical climates to treat malaria.

The Wren
Almost the smallest bird in Great Britain and Ireland, the wren is only about 10cm long and weighs only 9g. Wrens have a very chunky shape, being almost spherical, with a very pointy beak and a tail which is often cocked at an angle. The plumage is brown, with distinctive barring of cream and dark brown on the wings. This is very noticeable when the bird is in flight, but can still be seen when the wings are folded.

The wren is found everywhere in Great Britain and Ireland, from the center of cities to the tops of mountains. It is very common, but not very well known, as it rarely comes out into the open, but stays under cover. It hops from one branch of a bush to the next looking for insects and grubs. Its pointy beak is good for getting creepy-crawlies out of cracks in the bark of trees. Wrens are often mistaken for mice as they hop around on the ground under bushes and shrubs. They eat mainly worms, spiders and insects, but will occasionally eat berries.

The wren has a very loud 'chick-chick-chick' call. This is normally heard coming from inside a bush. In breeding season, wrens will expose themselves more frequently, standing on fences and singing their equally loud warbling song.

Folktale ~ King of the Birds
The birds held a contest to decide who would be their king. Whoever could fly highest would be awarded the title. Everyone expected the mighty eagle to win and sure enough with his powerful wings he climbed up to a great height, outdoing all the other birds. It seemed that he had won. But as the eagle began to tire and started to come back down, a tiny wren appeared; he had been hiding in the feathers of the eagle's back. He fluttered a few feet higher and the eagle was too weary to stop him. So the wren became the King of the Birds.
Info on the Oak and Ash trees from this site
Info on the Wren from this site



Hi to all,
Well I'd say that this person on the card may be waiting for something so that he can reach over and give the gifts to that person. Once I feel he's able to do that then things won't really be as cloudy, but I feel he may be signaling someone over here. Hopefully I feel like he'll be able to enjoy the outdoors, and be very calm.
Just my two cents.
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