The Illuminati Tarot: Keys of Secret Societies


The artwork does look good. Not so sure about the correspondences, though. And at almost $40 it's a bit more than I'm willing to pay for an unknown quantity. I've been burned that way before.


It's a Schiffer deck, so definitely good quality


It's a Schiffer deck, so definitely good quality
As long as it isn't huge coaster-like cards :D

I think this is the first that actually IS about the Illuminati, isn't it... The Lo Scarabeo one referred to the quality of illumination, not to the group.


It already has an entry in Aeclectic:

When I first saw it, I was mighty curious about it. I was especially intrigued by the Golden Dawn (Wands) and Freemasons (Swords) suits. I know that the Martinists and Rosicrucians existed, but I really wanted to know why they chose the Priory of Sion as the focus for the Major Arcana. Hasn't it been exposed as nothing but a hoax?

I still like it though.


I like the deck and seriously thinking of buying it. There is something about it that made me say OHHHHH!!!


I do like it but am seriously cutting back on my decks this year so will see what others on here think when they receive it,it is a bit more pricer deck too


It's come down in price to around $23 on Amazon. Thinking of buying it. Anyone have it yet?


I have it - but it arrived the day before I flew out here, so my experience is - limited so far. One thing - the box is absolutely EXCELLENT :) and the card stock is fine, too - no coasters.


Illuminati correspondences aside (which I'll take with the proverbial grain of salt), I like the way it looks, with that sort of "aged gold by candlelight" patina.

The collage art, though, seems a little... I don't know if "uneven" is the word. That Initiate of Wands looks like she was decapitated and then matched with the wrong head --unless her corset goes up to her neck. I know that Adept of Coins (Rosetti? Millais?). And the Initiate of Coins seems to have wandered here from the Lenormand Revolution.

Gregory, is the cardstock glossy? Semi? Matte?