The key of Rennes le chateau mystery : 2 unknown Poussin's paintings


2 family's Paintings ,2 unknown Poussin's paintings reveal the key of rRENNES LE CHATEAU mystery
These 2 unknown POUSSIN are also the key of Poussin secret

these 2 PAINTINGS are coded Poussin's paintings ,and give the key of Poussin's secret and the key of this great mystery :Rennes le chateau mystery ancestral mystery about religious secret
6years with researchs and discoverings to arrive to this secret

There has been a reportage about my discoverings on the french TV .

It's an incredible story with these paintings. Paintings come from my ancestor a priest Henri Gasc priest near Rennes le chateau.I discovered this ancestor was a protagonist in center of Rennes le chateau mystery . After research we have understood that this ancestor has found in his church these paintings which were hidden in his church ... in a Fouquet crypt . Fouquet was near from Poussin . my ancestor has discovered these paintings and the SECRET IN THESE PAINTINGS ....which are stayed in my family . But my ancestor has passed the secret with parchments and with another protagonist Boudet he has left clues ...and there has been this mystery of Rennes le chateau
There is 6 years my mother before her death has left me these paintings . And a great adventure has begun..In these paintings we have discovered codes and symbols and we have discovered also they were by Poussin . There is a Da Poussin code :HIDDEN PICTURES, symbols ,codes,SACRED GEOMETRY , which give the Poussin's secret . It's THIS SECRET which is the Rennes le chateau mystery. Poussin is a savant painter and use ancestral knowledge and astronomy to explain his secret . there are letters ,hidden numbers . we have found letters Pou and S X and it's probably Poussin . I think Poussin has used kabbale for this signature .
i'm very happy to have some help about it !

I show my paintings and reveal all this story on a SITE in which there are many pictures . i don't know if it's possible with rules to put the site ??but it's important to understand the story and see the paintings
another way it's possible to find it in google with the title of thread.

I explain all my story with my discoverings and in the site you can see all details about these paintings .There are much pictures ..There is a new interview on THE LINK PAGE with interesting proofs that these paintings are the key of this mystery..
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is it possible to put my site where there are paintings pictures and other interes
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here is soon one image of sacred geometry which is on link sur image schack..the other later at night


TEXTsend to me from a researcher french which has done this geometry . He knows very well Poussin and RLC. It's interesting and learning again more on my discoveries,this secrret that iv'e found without this geometry .. :

its construction is not conventional, but it is not immune to the axes and points of markers...

On this table, in addition to the 5, we have also 6 (always with the rectangle of gold and Phi and the axes disclosed by the masts of the ship) the man in the air between the boat and the monster is extraordinary in its position because it forms a cross and gives the center of the twin with the blue circle circle forming 6-pointed star (this point with yellow are the most important of the table and the corners formed by the) left branches of the pentacle and the hexagon might give a latitude and longitude if the painter was designed to hide a place any (me is what I do...)

so I hope that it will suffice you, thus the forms have me speak.
-When I read your answer and I saw the name of the painter I had a smile... I am a subject on this painter, his paintings and a research on the mystery of Rennes le Château, so this doesn't surprise me is finding a symbolic to pentacle, and number of gold (as Leonardo da Vinci also).

the secret is based on knowledge Atlantean hidden in the region certainly in a cave or cave Interior (not far there is Mount Buggarach) doing the world believe that this is a hardware treasure then finally not.

This knowledge must include concrete evidence of the existence of an ancient civilization prior to our from the Knights Templar and Cathar and putting at risk the beliefs wrong of the Catholic Church (and religions in General) in my research I found correlations with the constellations of Hercules and Bouvier NP are initials the majority of his paintings show the landscape with buildings or castles and what could be a rocky peak with characters more or less mythical (Angels, Devils, titans, etc...)

I think the landscapes in the vicinity of Rennes of the Castle, du Mont Bugarach (see mysteries and legends related to this mount) there is always in the number of gold and a 5 star branches hidden in the construction of the table creating axes and points that show may be the secret locations if you are in the field of vision characters present in the tables if it makes its premises in the reality.
the number is 5 (see meaning of the Pentagram)


tableaux poussin et tarot rennes le chateau bugarach

I find this very interesting question because since quite this image this window with the bark calls me in relation to the two unknown chick tables that are key to the riddle (and I know that this may disturb some and it is a pity!) article on this subject is very relevant and returns me to my two paintings. look at the description of the history, the subject of two unknown paintings by Poussin discovered by Gasc.

Barque, Argonauts, astronomy and there are many other hidden details associated with this map. as if by chance this stained glass in relation to this map was put in a church that christ is in the table in the boat! the characters are almost faceless in the boat, that could paint chick when the subject claimed... The wheel of fortune linked to the boat to the mast and when you look at all these symbols in this biblical table, this map of the wheel to the table has any logic. The barque of Peter is also the Ursa Major and therefore the carriage .the map truck between the death and the wheel of fortune!

Solar symbol, ? is the wheel of births of the successive deaths across the cosmos. c? is, in human terms, l? permanent instability and l? eternal return. And this movement sometimes high, sometimes lowering, c? is the movement of Justice (arcane 8), which wants to maintain l? balance on all plans and n? not hesitate to temper the destruction and death the triumph of creative, as achievements still points out this tenth arcane between (arcane 7) cart number and death (arcane 13). (Source: dictionary of symbols by Jean Chevalier and Alain Gheerbrant).
look at my site and also the interview pages F Gasc with T Garnier links


tarot and my Poussin's paintings

While Bateleur on this map can be related to my painting and stained glass. Actually my approach is especially going further in the direction of different encodings very complicated. Poussin has coded and behind the elements found between VLC and other scrolls are recoded from the secret found in the paintings Boudet and Gasc are at the origin of these encodings and of course the goal is to unveil what they find encodings explain the secret hidden in the paintings. The tarot is often used, but must seek the solution in the matches. Namely a map is associated with a letter Hebrew, Greek, and a constellation with astrology. POUSSIN was subtle enough not to make coding clear and if it is present tarot correspondence what gives meaning. These paintings speak but he must know how to talk so find the method of encoding the painter and for that I give .. good site tracks the enclosed ... arot.html ..
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