The Matrix: tarot?


Lately I've been thinking that the movie The Matrix would be a good theme for a tarot deck. There's a lot of religious symbolism that could be interesting (okay, that and it's one of my favorite movies).

Couple of ideas for cards (slight spoilers for anyone who hasn't seen The Matrix Reloaded):

The Tower: Trinity falling from the building (anyone who has seen Reloaded knows what shot I'm talking about)
The Lovers: Morpheus holding out the Red and Blue pills, combined with an image of Neo and Trinity.
High Priestess: The Oracle
Two of Swords: Neo and Agent Smith holding guns to each other's heads (from the first movie)

I might one day try to do this, but right now I'm a beginner. That and I'm sure that seeing The Matrix Revolutions (the third movie) would affect how I thought each card should apply. But besides that, any thoughts on the idea?

Rusty Neon

Just kidding but ....

Actually, a few days ago, I was thinking that Aeclectic Forum might be a Matrix. We're all hooked up to our computers and live virtual existences, and have life-like interactions, here on the forum.

And now ... back to tarot deck creation, the main subject of this thread.


i have never seen matrix!! - but i think a tarot deck would be an excellant idea ...... and im sure its only a matter of time. there is a massive market as this has become a cult film. my brother, who is NOT into tarot, says if there was a deck .... he would buy it.


tarot is tarot...
perhaps trading cards would be a better idea.


Matrix Tarot already exist! It is created by Croatian artist Damir Stojnic and draft version can be seen on at our mutual friend and Matrix fa...edited to remove url that sent spam to people


I clicked on that link and suddenly in my in-box of my Outlook Express I had about a million messages from that web-site. I honestly didn't ask for them - all I did was click on the link.

What a pain - I hope I won't get more of them. I didn't even have time to go and check out the cards you're talking about. But I certainly won't go back to the web-site to look at them.


me too, Diana! damn, I wish I'd read your post before I went to take a look! what a mean link :mad:!


AWFUL BEHAVIOUR on this site!


I also clicked before thinking and promptly got a new file set up in my mail system - presumably about to start madly downloading junk into my mailbox.
I have got rid of it - if you get spam from this site, check your mail file system and see if you have a funny looking folder that's suddenly appeared.

PLEASE - someone tell the guys who run this website that this sort of thing just irritates people and keeps them away from the site - it really isn't clever (even if the programming is nifty) and it is the sort of thing that gives us people in Eastern/Central Europe a bad name (btw, we would never put any programming like this on our site and we never, ever under any circumstances pass on people's email addresses - it is unprofessional and just plain RUDE to do so).

I'd love to see the pack - but I won't go back to this site until I know it won't spam me in this way.


i am interested to see these cards ......... but i WILL NOT VISIT this site now!!!

Blue Override

tarot is tarot...
perhaps trading cards would be a better idea

What I've always thought was the beauty of myth and tarot is the flexibility to interchange and substitute symbols.

If the mythology of The Matrix works better than the mythology of the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, and early Christians in someone's mind, more power to them if they fit the images that make sense to them into a classical format.