The medium next door book review


I wasn't expecting much as I picked up this book in chapters on this trip.

there wasn't much instruction let's get that out of the way
each chapter has a little section that has some thoughts based on her life experience,, or very guided excerises, but i figured by looking at the book that there was much instruction to be garnered.

it is actually an enjoyable, engrossing biography of a her life as a medium how she developed, and also how her life in general.

with things related to mediumship,, she is the 7 child,, was born with a veil over her head, was in the hospital for lead paint posioning which she says opened her up to the spirit world, but she also says that everyone can be a medium and has the god given gift for it.
so she doesnt' take the approach of you either got the gift or don't, though i wondered as i reads her story if the possiblity of her being the 7 child made of give her a better gift then your average joe. she did die once she says in the book as well.

she is self taught, and learned from a lot of books,, with her only training being in body work like shiatsu, reiki, herbal, and shamanism. and the rest came from natural progression as she starting doing readings while working on people feet.

she doens't talk about a misses all that much though one occurence she describes not understanding the message, but once when she got it half right.
but her reading examples and the example where she helped first in missing person seems incredible like she is always right.

that being said ,, as i said at the beginning i found her story engrossing, very personal to the point where I was emotional during two stories she told ,, the one about her loss of a family and an incredible reading she gave to a woman who had lost her daughter..

it is good read for people who are new to medium,, yet it doesnt' talk about any medium circle, or trying to develop it just that she handled each challenge as it came.

i think though due to the stories of the emotional reading i related too, that it reminds me of what mediumship is all about,, helping out the people,, all the while she has a life, raising 2 children, a husband and such.

on instruction 1 out of 5
on biography 4 out of 5.


All I can hear is Judy Garland singing:

"How can I ignore
The Medium next door?
I love him more
than I can say!"

Sorry! :)