The Monster Spread - For Difficult Breakups


Based on lines from Lady GaGa's song "Monster," this spread deals entirely with a rough breakup, looking into some of the mechanics of it and what you can do to move on.

When I lay the cards out, it typically looks like this:


1. He Ate My Heart: How deeply did you let this breakup effect you?
2. She Mumbled Something While We Got Down on the Floor: What good advice had you received from friends, adults, or peers that you ignored?
3. Said to Me, "Girl You Look Good Enough to Eat": How did your heartbreaker flatter you into falling for him/her?
4. I Wanna Just Dance But He Took Me Home Instead: What did he/she do with you or to you that conflicted with what you really wanted from the relationship and added tension?
5. That Boy Is A Monster: What are some things you can do or affirmations you can think about to help you get through this difficult breakup?

Hope you guys enjoy this one!