The Moon as how someone feels for another


How would you interpret The Moon card as feelings Party M would have for Party N?
I see the Moon as mysterious, lack of clarity ie unsure. So in the feelings department, it seems to be foggy, and indicates that Party M could be feeling things which she never thought she would feel for Party N.

Does this resonate with the fellow card readers out there?


Generally, I would say M feels confused by their feelings for N. That could be because M never expected to have those feelings for N, but I wouldn't necessarily jump to that conclusion.


The Moon could signify M's not being completely honest with themselves regarding their feelings for N, or maybe a past life experience (ie. emotional baggage) is colouring M's feelings towards N.

Edit: Just to clarify, when I say past life experience.... I'm not talking about reincarnation.


Hi, I agree with rwcarter here, The Moon as feelings makes me think this person is still working out his/her own feelings towards the other person, as he/she is not sure of what kind they are yet.


The context and surrounding cards please, because it could mean quite a few things...

- They are so very in love, they suffer.
- They are confused.
- They are fantasizing about the other party.
- They have very wild feelings, roaming, for the good or bad.

I personally love the moon card. Romance is associated with the moon and its light, but is this the kind of romance you want, it all depends.

When the Moon appears, everything may not be as it seems.


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The context and surrounding cards please, because it could mean quite a few things...
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The Moon as representing one person's feelings for another, definitely indicates instability of some sort, with a strong sense of being lost and/or confused.

It could be that they don't fully trust the other person yet, and that they are being cautious with their feelings - walking in the dark, treading carefully. They may even be finding it difficult to trust theirself in how they feel about the person. It could also mean that their feelings towards that person are somewhat changeable, waxing and waning like the moon.


I'm thinking The Moon would possibly mean that the feelings are unclear at this time. Also, they could be unsure exactly how they feel about the person right now. There are feelings, I would say, but those feelings have been pushed aside or perhaps even ignored. Some people do such because the feelings they've developed were unplanned/unexpected and they're not ready to deal with or sort out their feelings just yet. Maybe things are/have been going well between the two and the person avoiding the sorting out of feelings is afraid the relationship will change if they think about it too much or try to make "sense" of things for the lack of a better word.


It greatly depends on the relationship the two people have.

It's not a card I like to see to be honest. Usually when it appears in my readings someone is having a hard time psychologically. But it can have lighter meanings too.


I got this card for my feelings for someone a while ago.
I was in love and I couldn't see things in a realistic way.

Hope it helps