The Numinous Tarot


That's some nice painting and pretty sweet androgyny there. Not sure how I feel about the mostly naked Fool, though.


Oh wow, this is stunning! Is there any information about how and when it will be published? I couldn't see much info on the website. Loooove the artwork!


These are beautiful. I can't wait to see more.


Unusual and appealing style of art.


I like it! A lot.

I hope it has illustrated minors and it will be published.


Those ARE nice. Must watch this one.


I like it too. I am trying not to like it too much as of yet :), as with only 4 cards completed there is a long way for this deck to come to life...I wish the artist good luck.


Rylla, just scroll on sideways. Their concept of the suits is interesting - bells for air, tomes for pentacles... This deck looks good. Beautiful, illustrative use of water colour, with a very light and secure hand. Interesting use of symmetries and composition. Very inclusive, ethnic richness like the World Spirit, and no gender stereotypes. Lovely to see Strength as Man and Bear, HIerophant and Emperor as women. We know in theory that each of us has them all somewhere inside but SEEING them appear is beautiful. I like their use of Indian symbols - I don't understand all of them but the decks makes me WANT to get to know them all.


ETA: oh and kudos for using REAL constellations in the Star! It even makes sense that Leo is up in the zenith - that means the Sun is in Aquarius. Wonderful!

ETA: changed "his" for "their", in accordance with their choice.



So impressed!! Must watch!!