The official crystal identification thread


I think it’ll be useful for many to have a thread like this as a sticky.

Since I have made several threads like this in the past, looking for guiduance in identyfying a new crystal...and I always had to make a new thread...perhaps it could be nice if others could join in with their own crystal enquires and add on their suggestions.

I’m uncertain and I need help with ID with this blue crystal. I dounbt that its blue topaz or quartz. What else could it be?




I don't know your stone, but I do have a couple of my own to post soon as I can get pictures of them -- I'll update this post when I do! (wanted a bookmark so consider this my place holder..hehe)




I'm not sure since a monitor can display color so differently, but it might be celestite (aka celestine)


thanks for your input. i have a celestite cluster, and its not that lear. the pendent is of totally trasparent blue colour

Yira, definetly! Add on pictures of your crystals...<3


aquamarine, fluorite, apatite are the ones that pop up just based on transparent and blue

ETA: Do you have a university nearby with a gemology department? They might be able to suggest a few things to try to distinguish.


aquamarine, I think


I cant see the image so well it does look like a piece of celestite - like cardlady22 suggested.... can you post another pic?



Celestite is noticeably *heavier* than it looks . . . does your stone feel like it weighs more than other stones of approximate size?

I'm leaning toward celestite as well.

\m/ Kat


Thanks all!

I feel like getting more opinion on this one, i am certain this is serpentine. Whereas my friend is adamant its an agate. I completely disagree, but she doesn’t listen.

Do you agree or could it be something else?



I'm glad there's a thread like this as I have recently started with crystals and as yet haven't got a book for identifying them and there's one that's puzzling me if anyone can help (I'm sure it's an easy one for those in the know)

Picture of Crystal HERE