The Pathway


This is a spread I created to help you explore a particular path you are on in life. This can be your path in career love spiritual or even your path in life.


1. Along the path, I spot an old wooden sign. I am finally able to see where I am. This sigh marks the path that I find myself on.

2. As I walk this path, I spend some time meditating my life. Then I realize what influenced me to follow this particular path.

3. I come across a fallen walking bridge. This is an obstacle on the path of this journey.

4. I spot a large limb laying from one side of the river to the other. I can cross to the other side of the river by walking on this limb. This is how I can overcome this onstacle.

5. As I continue om my path, I spot an old wooden sign telling me what the next stop on this journey will be.

6. To the side of the path, stands an old woman. She offers me advice about the path that I am on.

7. This is what I will gain from following this path.

8. This is where the path will ultimately lead me.


This is a beautiful spread!


This is a lovely spread, I'll definitely have to try it out. Thanks for sharing!


Very beautiful, you could do it as a guided meditation, too.


Hi Hispet

I used this spread that you shared. It was very helpful and enlightening. Thank you for sharing it. I use it now very often to help me in some decision making issues.