The Playing Card Oracles: Study Group Anyone?


I have received a copy of the Playing Cards Oracle, deck and book, in trade while on the AT Train Trade Game. This deck is evocative, fun, fascinating and addictive. I plan on working through the book, practicing the spreads and in general just immersing myself in this amazing system.

Anyone care to join???


Wanted to say as well, that if you have the book and not the deck, then please join in with your favorite playing card deck. We will be working with the book and deck, but you can use any playing card deck, sans jokers.


Ok. No takers so far. I'm going to use the thread for my own personal musings then...and see where it leads.

Watch this space for a discussion of....some cards coming soon! ;)


Oh, i only saw this thread now! So sorry for leaving you alone here for so long!

I LOVE The Playing Cards Oracles. It's definitely one of my favorite decks/books/original systems. I'd love to have a studying partner or group, since it's quite lonely here all by myself :)

Besides, i don't find my interested guinea pigs around here (in my real life, i mean, not the forum).


By the way, i think 6 Haunted Days would like to participate as well...maybe we could invite her?

Miss Y.


Hi Miss Yuko!
So glad you found this! Please invite anyone you like. I have been playing with the deck, but it is a bit daunting to dive into a bigger reading...but I'm ready for it.

In fact I was thinking some reading practice is what will open up the deck for me. To see how it will respond in a reading.

Let's call all PCO folk and get a reading practice going.


So far I have a journal that I have been recording info in about how to do the two basic spreads, some of the intro to the lunar calendar and the suits and their correspondances.

I have recorded a reading or two that I did.

In fact, I shuffled the deck and handed it to my Dad to choose from. I just said pick a card..without the question part etc. He chose 3:spade: The Grave. Well my mother just died. That was pretty wild, but I thought let's see what he gets for a second card. And again I fanned the deck and asked him to choose.

This time he got 2:heart: The Lovers. We talked about the cards, and well he just filled up. He shut down and didn't want to talk about it.

So from that reading I felt that there was a very clear connection with the deck, and that they were pretty darn accurate.


Yes, i've seen this happen before! One curious thing is that i never manage to read to myself with this dek very well - but when i read to others, it tends to be pretty accurate!

I did a reading to my sister - she shuffled the cards and didn't tell me question. I read it - only Hearts cards...i saw lots of hormones and feelings there (she's 13). I finished the reading, but received no feedback, and though that maybe i had said nonsense.
Later she told my boyfriend that i was a 'great tarot reader' because i had said everything without even knowing the question. She said she thought i had read her thoughts :D :D :D

This deck is wild, a shame many people don't give it any attention!

I think we could start small readings together, just to practice and get the hang of it. These cards aren't meant to be studied alone, IMHO - they work better all together, telling a story...


Forgot to add: i also keep a journal. It has the basic spreads ('The Bridge' one being one of my favorites), basic meanings of the cards for reference, the geomancy thing...all in a very chaotic way that only i understand :p

But it's great, i find that keeping a journal makes you learn and understand this original system much better. Makes you 'think' inside this deck, without confusion. Spending some time with the deck is always helpful to know the cards better and 'meet the characters'.

And, of course, in this journal (which is an ordinary notebook but i LOVE it) is where i record my PCO readings...and some tarot readings because i'm a bit messy ;)


playing cards on train rides...

Hi girls...

I don't have this deck specifically, but i often like to use playing cards while travelling on airplanes or trains... to do subterfuge subtle tarot readings for myself...

absent the major arcana so you can't ask about major issues but you can play fun little games with yourself like what will it be like when i get to san francisco?

and the favorite question i shouldn't ask: does so and so still love me?

i was going to start a thread a few days ago about using playing cards as tarot, if anybody else has tried that and what methods they like to use...

and then i found this thread here...

how would you describe this deck as being similar to this idea that i am talking about?

(basically, playing cards as tarot cards without the major arcana...)


p.s. when my b.f. was visiting, he put 2 of hearts and 2 of wands on different altars... i took that as a good sign... i wasn't sure if he was aware of the meaning in tarot!!!

p.p.s. the only problem about this doublemeanings of the cards is that i get very superstitious while trying to play normal card games! i am always thinking of the tarot meaning in my mind! and making up stories about what peoples hands mean....