The Pook


The Pook is sometimes a familiar face in my daily draws... He's a little confusing to me... I dislike seeing the Glanconer more.. but the Pook still stirs some strange feelings in me... kind of tells me that things may not be as they seem, but I"m not really in control of how it all plays out yet.. ???

Please offer some insight on this guy, if you have any :)

Thank you.


Funny to see this, since the Pook showed up for me yesterday as Advice for a very emotional reading.

Pook's message to me is: As above, so below. He points to the ground, reminding us the flow of energy will manifest the world we create, that we believe in.

I kinda have my own metaphysical framework, and in my mind, the Pook is the one who helps us to make things manifest.

The thoughts in our minds create Thought-Forms, and Pook is a caretaker of Thought-Forms. If the Thought-Form reaches it's fruition, the Pook is the energy form who assists us into making our dreams, or nightmares, into reality.

Guard your mind, says the Pook to me. Manifest what you truly desire. Don't get lost in wishful thinking.

The Pook is like the one who stands next to you as you look at the Tarot's Seven of Cups and says, "Are you *sure* that's what you want? Really really sure???"


Alissa said:
Guard your mind, says the Pook to me. Manifest what you truly desire. Don't get lost in wishful thinking.

The Pook is like the one who stands next to you as you look at the Tarot's Seven of Cups and says, "Are you *sure* that's what you want? Really really sure???"

This is amazing! This made so much sense to me... Thank you!


Totally agree with Alissa... DP.
The Pook likes to live in my Manifestation Gourd.
A beautiful polished goard I was given at a craft fair in exchange for some tarot bags.
I put little folded up pieces of paper in it with my intentions, wishes and needs on them.
He likes to poke his head out now and then and say. "Are you sure that's what you want?"
And when I forget I can change things..... he's there saying "Remember "intention?" It's a magical, powerful thing."


I have to admit.. the Pook used to freak me out a little.. but I just don't think I understood him. After reading what you (both Lark and Alissa) have written here, I suddenly feel like he makes a whole lot of sense..

I greatly appreciate your insights...


I have just noticed that Pook's fingertips match up with the top of his head making a triangle, and if you look within that triangle most of the body is radiating white, except for the parts of the wings outside the triangle that are.
Food for thought....
Edited to add: the light is shining within, not does this mean we need to look inside ourselves...


I think so TA.
Sometimes what ego pushes you to want on the outside doesn't match up with what you really desire on the inside.
Sometimes it takes bravery to confront that real inside desire and speak it out loud.
It confuses those around you though, because for years you might have been "saying" you want one thing...and then when it is on the verge of happening Pook pops up and says "Now, now little Miss TemperanceAngel is that really what you want or have you just been going with the flow."
And then it takes real bravery to say, "You know honey, I don't know if I really want too........(you fill in the blank.)

If you look inside of Pook you see his whole chakra system is lite up.
This is a Fey that is intune with himself.
I always feel so comforted by him, because he is sure to bring out my true desire and that is going to be the best thing for me on the inside.
And the inside of me is who "I" have to live with.

So it might mean I'll have to look like a waffly air head who can't stick to a decision by those around me, but better to risk that than be unhappy on the inside and pretending on the outside.
And when I'm happy those around me are happy too.
It always works out better for the people involved anyway.
Pooks insticts are impeccable and he is steering you away from a bad decision.

I think mostly what Pook desires for us is that we speak our true desire right away, and skip the ego, outside influences, and martyr syndrome that lead us to go with a flow that doesn't suit our inside desire.

Yikes I better shut up I practically wrote a book about poor Pook and he likes his privacy.


out Out OUT!!!

This is not the same pook who shows up around me! The pook that comes up around me, as soon as I feel his presence I tell him to get out. Here is why.

My husband and I got into a huge fight and he took off for a bit to blow off some steam. Meanwhile, in tears, and not knowing what else to do, I pulled a card, and it was the pook. I saw the flare of energy, the madness, the energy just vibrating around the faery as if a bomb is about to explode, the eyes narrowed with anger, the mouth a grimace. I could hear the message "you have every right to be angry".

At another time, I pulled a faery card for a friend of mine who was confused about love. The pook showed up, and it showed me two faces, the face of intent, and the face of desire. She's married but was in love with another. The pook spoke about how she can not ignore her feelings that vibrate inside her, and if she wanted to, she could act upon them, however, she knows the reprecussions if she does so. Then again, she would know how to cover it up so her husband would never find out.

A week ago, I pulled a card after a frusturating day, and the pook showed up again. I wanted to go out and just get out for a bit, but I couldn't due to the high stress that the kids were putting us both through that night. I'd had enough, and my desire to go out was only feeding that frusturation. Again, I could see these emotions manifested as energy surrounding around the pook.

I can see how he represents the very core of thought forms. He's the king of indecision and confusion that speaks in the back of our head. It's why he has no look, no face, no detailed features, and his energy is quick to change from one face to the next. When ever he comes up, he represents mass confusion, and frusturation. He's the "id" in the id, ego, and superego (Freudian Psychology).

Anytime the pooks shows up, I am on my guard, and I tell him to get out now, as I do not welcome the kind of confusion and chaotic emotional messes that i or my friends end up in when he's about.



Although, I have to say, I do thank him all the same for the warning of the madness. But he still needs to get out Out OUT!


sag and lark, it just goes to show the diversity of the Fae, like the Tarot!