The Qedavian Tarot


That's a great website. I'd never seen it before. There's some nice decks there. I'll have to check it out a little better when I get a chance.

The Qedavian deck does look interesting. I like stuff that has a real antique-y look to it. But it's pretty non-traditional. 7 suits and 8 major arcana? It would take some getting used to. But I do like the deck.


Yes, it's dark, and those cards are beautiful. And of course it's one of those decks that call themselves "Tarot" but have nothing to do with Tarot as we know it.

I like it, though. A lot. But I think I'll wait until someone else gets it and reviews it. There are always pioneers on AT... :)


Oh I would love to get this. It seems it is based or structured on the Quimbanda belief system. Very interesting.


I love the darkness and the artwork in this, but I can't see it as tarot, even in a nontraditional sense. The artist states there is an e-copy of the card meanings rather than a booklet or companion book because the cards are "self-explanatory". Hmmm. I think they are only self explanatory if they were to be used as an oracle, which is how I would probably use it. And the price isn't so bad, actually.