The Rainbow Bridge (Spread Concept)


I am working on a Tarot Spread for communicating with and gleaning advise or messages from our beloved fur babies who are no longer with us called, "The Rainbow Bridge" Spread. Advise and ideas for individual card meanings is always welcome as a means of provoking thought! Although, something I am curious about i the possibility of a Signifier Card for one's individual pets. Perhaps one could use a zodiac card if their birth time is known. One might also use The Hermit card, which is identified with the sign of Virgo and therefore governs domestic pets. Mary Greer, in "Tarot for Yourself", also includes a listing of various animal-types that she attributes to each Major Arcana (E.G. High Priestess or Hermit for a dog, and The Hanged Man for a snake). I suspect she has taken much of this from Uncle Al's "777". ;) Perhaps one could employ physical characteristics in a Signifier Card for one's pet (E.G. dark/ light coloring)? Just trying to generate some thoughts and ideas.


Have you seen the list of possible questions for spreads? There might be something there that you could find useful.
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