The right time for tarot


Greetings and Blessed Be,
I am new here, just started lurking a few weeks ago. A big hello to all the posters. I have enjoyed your discussions.
I have owned tarot cards for over ten years and have attempted several different times to learn to read them without a whole lot of success up until a few months ago. Since picking them up this last time I have literally starting absorbing info like a sponge. My intuitions about the cards are really starting to develop. Prior to this it just seemed that no matter how much I wanted to learn tarot it just wasn't the right time. Has anyone else had this experience?
I currently own 4 decks. The mythic Tarot, Robinwood Tarot, Vampire Tarot and Thoth tarot. I have ordered Rider Waite cards and should be getting them soon. My fav deck right now is Robinwood. The Thoth deck is really puzzling to me. It hasn't exactly "spoken" to me. I have thought about trading it...but something makes me think I should hold on to it so I do for the time being.
Anyway, just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I am looking forward to posting here and getting to know you. Feel free to email me.


First of all, Greetings and a Warm Welcome to you! I'm sure you will find these forums to be friendly, educational, and supportive.

As far as that Thoth deck, hang on to it. I had mine for *20* years before I found that I was "ready" to use and study/learn from it. I do believe that when one is ready to experience a particular aspect of life, than that aspect makes itself known to you, and almost invites you or draws you into its sphere.

After many years of mystical explorations, this year was the right time for me to live and learn with the Tarot. Words cannot express how wonderful the experience has been, and will be.


Greetings to you, Moonklad. I'm happy for you that everything is falling into place. Sometimes are brain synapses just aren't firing the way we want them to, I guess! I didn't get algebra as a kid, but understand it now as an adult (I still don't like it, though). Anyway, you kept going back to tarot, so maybe now is the right time for all the pieces to fit. Keep developing your intuition! Jeanette


Hell, I?ve owned Tarot decks since I was a kid and still can?t do diddly with them. Just about the time I think I should hang it up I do a reading that hits like a ballpeen hammer to the head.

Gee, I guess Tarot is kind of like romance in that respect. It might not turn out like we want every time but we still keep trying.

I think we?re better for our effort.


Very wisely put, Blue! 8) ;D :-D




yes, it is really like a romance. :)
And not only the beginning, the right moment is similar, but there are hundreds of this moments, when suddenly it seems just right or something tried to understand for years is understood in one second. In my experience it was never right to force anything and patience and confidence is one of the basic things I needed to learn tarot. The right thought or feeling and the right time and place. We can trust in it.


The very first divination tool I ever bought was a set of Runes. The worked for me immediately! It was like they had been waiting for me to ask them to talk to me! I figured since I could read Runes, the Tarot would be the next logical choice. I bought my first deck and did some spreads, but I just never got it. I finally decided that I would never be able to read the Tarot. That was two years ago. After that, I learned the pendulum and once again, it was intense. I was able to do accurate readings with it the first time I picked one up! Next came candle readings. I could do that too. About four months ago, the Tarot started calling me again. I fought it for a while thinking that I didn't want to waste my time with something that obviously did not want to talk to me, but as always, the cards got their way and I picked them up again. This time, it was like a light bulb came on and everything was clear. Not only was I able to read them using the traditional meanings with little or no help from a book, I found that I often saw things that were not in the book, and I would be right! Now, I have started reading professionally and my intuition is only getting stronger. I guess the Tarot calls you and speaks to you when you are ready to listen.

Ironically, my pendulums do not respond to me the way they used to, and sometimes my Runes make no sense, but when I read Tarot for Others, I am usually right on the money. Any one got any thoughts on that?

BTW, Welcome Moonklad! It is so nice to have you here!


Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.
You know the weird thing is I wrote a few days ago that the Thoth tarot hadn't spoken to me..well..since then it definately has. I have had some really intense dreams about my deck.
Question?....doesn't anyone ever "Hear" a sound associated with a card. I mean does a sound come to mind each time you pick up certain cards?
I suppose things do come to us when we need them. Our talents and needs change from time to time. I have had some success with runes, but I feel more comfortable with tarot right now.


OMG Moonklad - could I ever relate to your topic!!!! Like you, I've been collecting/studying the tarot for a decade, but was never very successful. But for the past year - Poof - it feels like second nature now. (Especially this month - wow!) I've come to see that for me, what was holding me back was an over-dependence on the intellect. The intuition is by far a more accurate tool. And so much easier to access, ha ha!