The Rising Star


Om Namah Sivaya!

I will be the first to tell you that this is probably a subconsciously bastardized spread that I've seen somewhere and forgotten about. But I think it's mine, and my first, so until you tell me it isn't, I'm going with it. ;) I made it in honor of my new Thoth deck (which I am totally infatuated with AND intimidated by).

It's a five card spread in the shape of a pentacle.



Number one is where I am now.
Number two is where I need to be (not want, need. If we all got what we wanted, this world would be mighty messed up).
Number three is "Helpers" - things to look for, people to look for, helping hands along the way to where you need to be
Number 4 is Distractions - things to beware of - things that will get you off the path
Number 5 is How To Proceed. I don't like "Outcome". I prefer how to proceed instead of "sure outcome". Let me know what you think of this.

For now, until someone tells me I've infringed on their copyright, I'm gonna call it The Rising Star. The Rising Star is excellent for general readings to let you know right where you are at that moment in your life. My sample reading below proved this to me. I have yet to try it with a specific question, though I think it could be used for any general aspect of life, i.e. "Where am I in my career?", "Where am I in affairs of the heart?", or even "Where am in the process of mourning death/break up/loss/etc?". The beauty of The Rising Star is you don't have to have a question! The first card will hone in on what you really need to know at that point in time.

Please drop me a PM or a link to your reading so I can see how well it's working for you all.


Deck: Hoi Polloi

Card 1: Five of Wands
Card 2: Temperance
Card 3: The Lovers
Card 4: Four of Pentacles
Card 5: Five of Pentacles

Oh man. So, The five of wands is telling me that I am in a struggle, but I know it's within myself. I know what the issue is, but won't share it here. Well, it's money and being tempted to spend what little I have. Where I need to be is at a place of balance. The middle road. Ultimately, not be effected by any amount of money I may or may not have. All things are good when well-tempered (Hey, Bach!), even money, the "root of all evil". People that would help me are the people I love, as represented by The Lovers. It's nice to be able to read a card at face value, isn't it? But more deeply, if I get money and spend it, how is that going to help the people I love (my mom and dad, the charities I've donated to, etc). It's funny, the fourth card, the one that I've deemed distractions, is money. For me, the epitome of money and the love of it is this card. So, I think it's telling me that I have some money coming my way (as in a job!) but don't let that distract me from taking the middle path in my spending/charity/and saving. The five of pentacles tells me to proceed like I am a pauper. Simple enough. When I cleared my mind tonight and really focused it honed in on the matter at hand, the most pressing issue of the moment in my life. Wowser.

If you like the spread and use it and/or post it on your blog or somewhere else, I'd love a shout-out and a link back to this original post.


I'm not sure but I think you need to link to a new thread in 'Your Readings' or 'Personal Readings' and put your reading there. :)


Carla said:
I'm not sure but I think you need to link to a new thread in 'Your Readings' or 'Personal Readings' and put your reading there. :)
I believe example readings are all right. Just so long as they are not asking for help with the reading in question.


Very nice "first spread" Jdev - I'm off to try it out!:D By the way, I liked the Gas, Liquid, Solid Spread you have on your website too.;)


Just tried this spread jdev. I like it and found it very informative. Thanks for posting.



I also gave it a go, and found it very helpful. I've posted it in the "Personal Readings" thread.


Bodhran and Middy, thank you so much for your feedback on the spread! I am off to read your casting of it in the other forum, Bodhran! Carla and KM, thanks for helping to guide me along this labyrinth of a forum!


Laura Borealis

I'm going to have to try this. I saw it in bodhran's thread and thought it sounded like a great spread for intuitive readings. Just need to think of a question and choose a deck!


Please try it and let me know the results! The only hitch I can think of with this spread is "the where I need to be" position. I think a lot of us are go getters and head strong so temperance is going to show up a lot! LOL . It did for me and Bodhran!


Oh, Bodhran, I forgot to mention that the Ether/Liquid/Solid spread is one I got from an extensive list of three card spreads here on AT. It's not mine at all! But it's a great spread and very easy to read. I'm waiting to hear back from my friend for whom I cast the cards.