The Rose Cross


The Rose Cross
By Estelle Daniels (source: Llewellyn's 2000 Magical Almanac)
[Notes in brackets by Tarotbear]

The Rose Cross is most effectively done with a stick of sandalwood incense. This can also be done silently, audibly, or visualizing only. If you can't use incense, hold your hand as though you had incense in it. It can be done either alone or after performing the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.

Part One
The Rose Cross is done on the cross quarters. Light the incense. Ground and center with three cleansing breaths. Start in the southeast. Face outward. The movements that you perform at each cross quarter are identical. The crosses you make are equal-armed, in gold, with a red "rose" at the center. Each cross is connected to the adjacent ones with a blue cord.

Drawing the Cross

Holding the incense in your right hand, start in the center, chest height and move your hand up, then down past the center, then back up to center. Then move right and back left through the center, then back to right and pause at center. Then draw the rose with a clockwise spiral of at least two circles. The cross is established. The rose "cements" it in place and connects the cross to the blue lines forming the web.

When you perform the rose cross ritual, you create a web of energy lines anchored at the cross quarters, above, and below. To make the web, draw the crosses in the following order: SE, SW, NW, NE, SE, ABOVE, NW, BELOW, SE, SW, ABOVE, NE, BELOW, SW, NW, NE and then the last cross at SE. There are seventeen crosses in all. [ABOVE refers to right over your head as you stand center; BELOW means on the spot where you are standing.]

As you make each cross, say "YE-HE-SHU-AAAH" (YHShA, Joshua, in Hebrew, another name of God). In tone it loudly. You may feel strange, but once you are comfortable it adds energy. As you complete each cross and move to the next quarter say nothing, but draw the blue energy lines connecting the roses.

For the last cross at SE you say "YE-HE-SHU-AAAH-YE-HE-VAH-SHAA" (Joshua, and another tetragrammaton). When drawing the last cross and sealing it, move up and down, right and left, and also in and out in three dimensions before drawing the last rose. The rose binds the whole thing and 'fires' the net, activating the protective web, lighting all a bright luminescent silver. Take a deep breath and relax.

Part Two
Put the incense aside, but keep it burning for the healing aroma of sandalwood. This part calls down the light into the circle and [into] you or another person who needs healing energy. It is adaptable to most any healing purpose: physical, spiritual, and psychic. It should only be done inside the healing web, as it's not effective otherwise.

When [used for] healing, the person to be healed sits on a stool in the center facing east. Draw the energy web above, below, and around the two of you. [If you do the LBRP first, the person can sit in the center for that, also.]

Facing east, stand behind the seated person. If alone, just stand in the center of the circle. Relax with your feet shoulder-width apart.

With your arms straight out to the sides, right hand up and left hand down, visualize the cosmic lemniscate of energy looping through your body, shaped and directed by your hands, like a figure 8 on it's side. Intone the words YOD-NOON-RESH-YOD (YNRY in Hebrew, Latinized INRI). This is another tetragrammaton, an acronym for "the beginning, life, death, and the end."

Then with your right arm straight up and your left arm straight out, making an L, head tilted left, say: "Virgo, Isis, mighty mother."

With both arms spread wide upward in a V, head tilted back, looking up, say "Scorpio, Apophis (ah-pahf-iss), destroyer."

With both arms crossed over your breast, hands on shoulders, head bowed down, say "Sol, Osiris, slain and risen."

While opening your arms upward to full extension over your head, tile your head back until you are looking up, and intone "Isis, apophis, Osiris, eeeeeeee, aaaaaaaa, oooooohh." (Resonate the vowels; it adds energy).

When the resonance has died down, move your arms to the Virgo position (in an L) and say "L", then move to the Scorpio position (in a V) and say "V", then move to the Osiris position (in an X) and say "X". (This should be done relatively quickly). The repeat the arm and head motions and say "L-U-X". Then raising your arms above your head, you say "Lux (Luke's); light; the light of the cross; let the light descend!"

As your arms are raised you should grab hold to the golden energy shining down from above and draw it down over the top of the head of the person seated in front of you. If doing it on yourself, pull it down over the top of your head. Do not push or force the energy. Just let it flow down.

This energy is to be taken as needed, just poured, like honey. You will also get some energy, and this is okay. Once done, you might do a cleansing breath and maybe let your hands rest on the person's shoulders. You and the person seated may feel warm, energized, or a bit buoyed up. This is normal. Ask and make sure the person is okay and centered afterward. You are done.

The Rose Cross is another circle that is not taken down, but allowed to dissipate on it's own. For healing, it can be done up to three times a day, morning, noon, and night; theoretically it's most effective at dawn, noon, and dusk. Twice a day is also good, and even once a day it's helpful. Try to do it at regular times each day. The healing effects may at first be only temporary, but over time it can be very effective.


Thanks for your lessons. I learn a lot from you. You are a good teacher.


No, I just have good resources!

{And a knack for saving important things to disk...}


You still take the time to explain complicated things in a clear, concise
matter and make it easy to understand. That is the sign of a good teacher.
I like reading your posts, I always learn something from them.


Resurrecting this old thread because I have a question about this ritual. It invokes the name of Yeheshua. This resonates deeply for me personally as a former devout Christian and current deep respecter of the person of Jesus. But can anyone explain to me the Qabbalistic meaning of this word and its function in this ritual, please? I am perfectly okay with doing the rosy crosses and just invoking the name of Jesus. Works for me, deeply. But I'm sure there's more to it than this. Anyone?


YE-HE-SHU-AAAH and YE-HE-VAH-SHAA are both pentagrammatons or 5 lettered names of god. If you take the 4 lettered Tetragrammaton I H V H (Jehovah, spelt with the Hebrew letters Yod Heh Vau and Heh) representing the 4 elements or the 4 tarot suits, and add the letter Shin (attributed to the element of Spirit and the Judgment card), you have the 4 elements enlivened by Spirit which spells the two names depending where you put the Sh. Or from a Christian perspective the development of a 5 lettered revelation of deity, built on top of the previous 4 lettered version (which was preceded by a three lettered version etc..) This can also be related to the ritual itself, the 4 armed cross with the 5th element or the rose (of 5 petals) to complete it.


Well, it took me a good hour to figure out how to do this ritual in my living room last night (let's say my sense of direction is NIL!). But when I finally figured out I was making a sort of square horizontally and 2 vertically, like tying ribbons around a box, I was fine.

This seems to be a very comforting ritual. I can visualise it with the LBRP and it's amazing! I sat and visualised in my mind's eye this morning (without doing the actual moving about the room). All those flaming pentagrams and glowing crosses, all those blue-white lines connecting them. It was astonishing, really.