The SAKKI-SAKKI Tarot is up in AT!


I just went to sleep... and someone digged that thread from far deep!

Thank you ferrous angel-becasue this doesn't leave me much but pick it up (something I was planning and leaving for later all the time!!!) and thank you all for you kind, encouraging words-you make me look at my work with different eyes!

First of all, i have good news.
I'm at the printer! Meaning it won't be long till the "baby" will come out! Becasue this is what it feels for a while now... a labor. But I must say that coming so close to it (and starting to pay for everything), makes it finally tangible, and not some "fiction" I had in my head for years. Sometimes i wake up and don't realise what I'm up to...

ANYWAY, I'll be having a final PRICE in the next few days, and I'm trying to work something for the pre-order list. i had a preorder list forever, but I could hardly advertise, since there was no price!
Now that will be solved soon, and I'm also making an online store. Shipping issues are a bit complicated here, and i want to put some order and establish a fair strategy first.
Since i do it all alone, it's hard to move things at a good pace, especially when it comes to marketing, setting up the thing as a business and so on (I had to dissapear for a while from AT due to over-work). But my Moon in Virgo will make sure everything is thought out!

As of tonight/tomorrow, I'll start posting here info about my deck, what elements of it are similar, and what different. The Sakki-Sakki deck is made especially for the Artist in Each of Us, and yes, it has a different feel and purpose and I think that this is the first place i can start talking about it, to get out of my shyness!
Feels Good! ;)
Thank you!


M-Press, we will keep dragging you into the light! I know you are a private person, but we do all want to hear how the deck is coming along. It sounds like you're doing great - as a friend of mine always says "Just remember to breathe!"


Oh how exciting, M-Press! :D

This is one of my favorite decks here at AT!
I am so happy to hear of the printing progress!

I look forward to being able to someday read with your lovely kinetic baby!


Congrads and hope things are going well

I remember your designs and excited discussion.

Hope things are going well with your printing, design and book elements...

Best wishes.

Cerulean (Mari_hoshizaki)



i just created a new thread for the Sakki-Sakki Tarot (it was asking NEW energy)!
it's still in "Creation":