The Singers?


I have problems connecting with some of the singers! They are a little too abstract to me. Don't get me wrong, they are beautiful, they just seem a little elusive in meaning to me.

A couple I understand and when I read their meanings in the book, they make sense. When I see them in readings which I have been getting a lot of them lately, my mind draws a blank.

So I'm trying to connect more since they're appearing in almost every reading.

So what is your favorite or least favorite singer? Who speaks the most to you out of this bunch?

I could use any insight from anyone!

Thanks for reading! :)


Singer of the Chalice

I think the Singer of the Chalice talks to me the most. When I see it I think of a cup overflowing and the energy of the querent should resemble that cup. An overflowing person is very unselfish and giving, they have so much joy, energy, etc. that they cannot/should not contain it rather they should let it overflow into others' lives. I also like Solus but he's not really abstract even though he's one of the singers. I don't know which one I like the least or talk to the least, I just know that the Singer of the Chalice comes up fairly often in my readings and I'm able to connect with it.



i checked out "good faeries/bad faeries" from my library yesterday, and the section on the singers (froud called them "angels") has helped me a lot with these cards.

my sense is that the singers lack clear form because their spiritual energy is too strong to be contained in that way. froud says: "angels could be called grown-up faeries... or to put it another way, faeries are little angels." i don't have my oracle book to refer to, but macbeth said something like "the energy given by the singers can be used by humans only for good; the energy given by the faeries can be used for good or ill..." if you hold the singer of healing and penelope dreamweaver next to each other, you'll see a striking resemblance. :)

there's a two page spread of the angels in the good faeries section of froud's book, which is very helpful for some reason... not like i couldn't lay out my cards just as easily, but maybe his arrangement of them gives extra meaning... some of the names are different; "unity" is "partnership", "ekstasis" is "gladfly". hee hee! it's interesting to note that "she of the cruach" and "he of the fiery sword" are called "receptacle" and "spiritual will". i like that better... i figure if the angels wanted to be called he or she, they would have taken that form.

now that i've read his story about how he came to see the guardian at the gate, i find that that's my favorite of the singers. having never been much of an angel person (or faery person, for that matter :D), i feel moved to look for the guardian somewhere over my head...


oh, so i would recommend you read the book (or re-read, if you've already read it... say that five times fast!). it helps to get the info straight from the artist's mouth.


another recommendation:

having noticed penelope's resemblence to the singer of healing, i went through and looked for other angel/faery pairs. wow! there were quite a few. it helped to blur my focus a little, so that i was seeing shapes and points of brightness instead of faces/clothes/expressions. i was most struck by how much the faun and the glanconer looked alike in their whisps and outlines... both of those cards are in my least fave pile. i wonder why?


wow! You're right Emily! Now I need to check everyone and try to see if the singers are similar to the other faeries. Thanks for pointing that out! :)


When I first opened this deck understanding the Singers was something I thought would be a tremendous challenge. What I have learned over the last several months (thanks to them gracing my daily readings 3-4 times a week) is the power of the energy they carry. If you meditate carefully on them they will take shape for you, not the same shape every time. One of the things that helped me get to know them was meditating on them and then doing automatic writting in my journal. Everything and anything that would come to mind. Hope this helps.

The Singers are timeless, patient, and full of wisdom. The recommendation of reading Good Faeries/Bad Faeries is a great recommendation.


I'm with ya...

I really hated the singers when I first started playing with the deck. They seemed pointless and unintuitive. I still find myself going off of the name of the card more then the image, however when I really give the cards a chance, the lines and points and stars, etc. flow and make their own meaningful pattern.

AND, I didn't realize at first that Solus was a Singer, then he came out to be my Universal card. He's so different from the other Singers. They're still my least favorite cards in this deck however and I'd really rather they weren't in it. :(


I also wasn't much on the Singers, especially at first. When I first opened the deck, I practically raced right through them to get to the "real" faeries.

Now though I see them differently, and working with them has helped me to integrate them. Since they are singing, they are vibrational, and that seems important to me in how they view singing being an alchemical process.

The Singers remind me of guitar strings that have been strongly plucked, and are a blur of vibrational sound and energy where there was a momet ago only a solid string.

The Singer of Healing came up as a regular daily fae for a while when I was planning on doing a reading for someone that day. This taught me much about my view of what it is to read for people, what you want to achieve. I was able to slip into some of that Healer energy by the Singer's abstract nature.

It's like, they can embody their essences inside you. They are so fluid and open.

I hope to keep working with them though. But I definitely understand, and still sometimes share, the feelings of disconnectedness to them. They can require more work of you too, since there is less to let your subconscious float along on (like the many little faes of some other cards) but with Singers it's only light and dark.


Speaking of Singers ... this week 3 of my 5 daily draw cards have been Singers (The Singer of the Chalice twice this week!). I just love how the images within the card change. Today as I look at the card what I see is a faerie flying through the stem of the chalice. She is gold with dragonfly type wings. She has pont of light in her feet (which are together) which to mee means remain grounded. She then has a trail of light from her knees to her solar plexus area, and then at the crown of her head. Then there are two more bobbles of light above the chalice and her head. Taking this sequence from the feet to outside the crown brings the concept of "so above, so below", and the power of our minds to manifest. I think she is telling me to remain grounded, think things through and manifest them.

With time, the Singers do get easier to work with. Their messages are deep and soothing. Look carefully at the cards because there is much more there than meets the eye at first glance.