The Sound of Tarot - music CD


"The Sound of Tarot" music tarot cards by Brook Windland - ST Music label.

I bought this off eBay last week. In truth, my initial listening was not favorable, but my outlooked improved with several listenings.

What I don't like:
>>Tracks are very short- less than 90 seconds per each Major Arcana (no minors). CD must last all of 30 minutes of listening. Could have added a minute to each, even if music was repeated.
>>Oversight: the tracks start with #1 being card #0 - the Fool. They should have had the tracks and the card numbers match, even if that made The Fool track #22. Disconcerting to drive down road and have to look at track, then figure out which card is 'playing'.
>> The description of the Magician starts with 'The chaos and the big bang.' This is a direct lift from someone's book, but no one is credited for the LWB with the CD. Makes me suspicious.

What I did like:
>> if you ignore the tracks and just listen to the music, which is kind of New-agy, it's nice as a diversion. The Artist suggests that you do a reading, then play the racks in that order and see what your reading 'sounds like'. The Chariot is the best one -- sounds like someone scurrying around the countryside- very much like Bach's "Well Tempered Clavier". The Hierophant is the weakest of the tracks; I guess the artist wanted to suggest church music with chanting, but the track is so soft until the very end you feel like you've missed something. Also wish they had used real bells and not synthesized ones. The Fool track is very dischordant - deliberately- but on first hearing I thought there was something wrong with my sound system!

The artist did sign my liner notes, though.

I will never expect to see this CD on Billboard as a best seller- too esoteric. I found it on eBay; or Christmas is coming!

I would rate the CD overall as 'mezza-mezza' - Italian phrase for 'half-and-half'.


I was thinking about buying this CD but after reading your little review here i am wondering if there are other CDs of this type that would be highly recommended.

Has anyone got a specific CD they listen to while reading or know of Cds that help set the mood during readings?



Hehehe, I always find that Enya sets the mood for me--especially her Shepherd Moons album. Her music has this soothing/rocking quality to it...just puts me in the right frame of mind for doing readings.

I find that it puts my querents in the right mood too. Most people are like, "Oooh, Enya!@" I've yet to find a person who really dislikes her music.



Hey All,
I actually prefer silence when I do a reading, helps me concentrate. I can not stand back ground noice or the sound of a TV or radio - yuck!


TV or radio???!!!???? You have the TV playing when you read? How can you do a reading with Bob Barker shouting about the Price is Right or a DJ rambling to take up space until the next song? A distraction is bad, and an electronic distraction is 'badder'.

Mood music on a CD is best is you have extraneous noise to mask..but I agree that complete silence is far better.


Thanx Jess (Moon) the Enya idea is a really good one - I usually try to do a reading in complete silence but I find Enya so relaxing :)

Kayne - did you really design that Tarot pack on your site because they are really cool!


I prefer silence. Sometimes: Delerium, Enya, Moby, Kitaro, others.


i've tried tarot reading with music playing and the only music i can listen to is Enya, those who have Enya's Watermark album what do you think of the song Cursum Perticio? spooky huh? in the booklet she said it was inspried by the inscription on the portico of Marilyn Monroe's last home - my journey ends here...




Hi guys! I am back after a brief absence. Did anyone miss my ramblings?....Oh well, didn't think so! :p

Anyway, I couldn't resist responding to this one. I have tried several artists, but the one that is most conductive for me is Stevie Nicks. I have a CD burner, so I gathered up every Stevie/Fleetwood Mac CD in the house and made my own disk of all of her most beautiful and Magical songs. I titled it Stevie Speaks. It has songs like Rhiannon, Everyday, Crystal, Sorcerer, Landslide, and bunches more. Her music makes me feel powerful, beautiful and magical. Everyone that I have ever read for using this disc is just enchanted and it relaxes them with the familiarity and therefore, makes it much easier to read them.

I also use a lot of "New Age" instrumental discs. I reccommend making your own if possible. That way it is exactly what you want and need.



Can't say "Welcome back, I missed you," 'cause I've been gone too. Comin' and goin'. Story of my life.

But I can say I've always enjoyed your "ramblings." Ramble on, please.

Oh, there was a topic here, wasn't there. Tastes in music really are aeclectic; Tarot with a television/radio background is repugnant; but I don't mind the sounds of the city through an open window. Or ocean surf. Or wind through the lonesome pines.