The spirit of the smile


I like to smile, but sometimes it's easy to forget all the reasons I have to smile. So....anyone have ANY of these reasons to smile? I am going to consciously work on all the reasons I have to smile, especially those times when it can be easy to think of reasons NOT to smile!


LOL Thanks! At my movie theater they always want us to smile, which I do more. I think I kind of walk around with kind of a trance like just working and doing what i need to do but it is hard to smile sometimes when distracted at work. But I can't help to smile when someone else smiles or say thank you or be nice.

My job coach would tease me and say "SMILE!" and sometimes I will joke and say I probably look like a model on a walk way lol. God I hope i don't look stuck up heh but I have to admit, kinda makes me wish when I AM friendly to customers some would say thank you or whatever. Ah well. Maybe they're the customers the director manager said, some customers just want to get away and not think about their problems at home.

But I digress.

"You’ll forget to smile in some moments, because your mind gets caught up in stories about the past, stresses about what might happen in the future. None of this is happening right now — it’s just movies playing in our heads."

That what happens to me at work. Unless it's really busy because I am distracted and focus. But when it's slow (which I like haha) my mind wanders. I am trying to figure out what would be spiritual, or positive to think about at work, like have a converstation with the universe, if the universe hears your thoughts.

What if you laugh or smile goofly at a joke you heard? :p I'd get a weird look lol.


lol CelestialHorse

I'm an aquarian Crone (our bd's are close together:), people wouldn't find it odd at all if I were smiling at nothing ahahahahahahah. That's the beauty of being a Crone, stuff I may have always done, I can get away with now and no one notices! Seriously. I would rather be one of those peeps who occasionally smile or giggle thinking of something funny, then someone who walks around looking like they're thinking of bad news. What's that saying? Frown and you frown alone, smile and the world thinks you're crazy? :)