The Study of the Marseille PIPs - the 3's


Well, I was very inspired by all the feedback that everyone shared in the 2's.

So now let's start with the 3's. As soon as Kaz can, she has offered to scan the cards and post them for us, but for those of you that already have the Grimaud, feel free to get things rolling!

Talk to you all soon!



Well, the threes generally resolve the tension that was there in the twos; the threes finish what the twos started.

With regard to the designs, the most interesting thing seems to be the similarity between the 2 of Coins and the 2 of Cups. In both cards the decorative vegetation makes a sort of heart shape, which cradles the third cup or coin.

The 3 of Cups layout resembles the 2 of Cups layout; the two fish that meet at the flower above, and the branches they come from, turn into the heart where the third cup appears. Interestingly, the fish seem to be replaced by berries, which to my recollection is the only fruit in the floral decorations on any of the minors.


here's the 3's



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thank you Mimers. i really wanted to continue this study. and Kaz, thanks for enabling the view for those of us who do not yet own the deck. This study (2s and 3s) has definitely encouraged me to want them in my hands.

I'll be back after I explore the pics a bit. :)


The 3 of wands just doesn't say anything to me. I would like to hear other people's analysis of that one. i will write my other impressions later, the baby is crying! JOAN


Happy Holiday Weekend

Yes, thank you Kaz for posting the pictures.

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday weekend if you are celebrating one, and a happy weekend even if you are not celebrating one.

I am on my way upstate to my parents house for a nice peaceful weekend with my family. Joining me is my Camoin and a print out of the pictures from Kaz. I will be back on Monday to share my inspirations.

Bye :) :)



jlbvt said:
The 3 of wands just doesn't say anything to me.
The 3 of wands looks to me like it is nailing down the vegetation that is coming up from underneath them.

Rusty Neon

3 of Batons

The 3 of Batons can represent Creative (III Empress) Energy (Batons).

The 3 of Batons is the only card in the series from 2 of Batons to 5 of Batons in which we essentially see the same kind of lateral stabilizing leaves (4 leaves = IV Emperor). What's different about the 3 of Batons is that the leaves are curling outwards (while the other cards have the leaves curling inwards). This may emphasize that the interiority, reflection and planning of the 2s (II Papesse) is done with. "Let's get to action."

As we proceed along the series from Ace of Batons to 10 of Batons, the batons are increasingly finer and thinner, becoming more delicate and refined. The only exception is the 3 of Batons. Its batons are thicker than those of the 2 of Batons. This may suggest that, being closer to the source (Ace of Batons), the 3 of Batons carries more of the raw energy of the Ace into action than the succeeding cards. The first stages of action are often more exuberant and less refined than subsequent stages.

In the 4 of Batons, we'll see the first level of stabilization, formation (IV Emperor) in the outer world.


I really like these cards! I'm going to have to get a deck.

3 cups: the fishes are gone and the energy fo the card is much more complex, almost crowded!! (tee hee)

3 batons: the 3rd want has actally been placed beneath the other two. The center flowers are gone

3 swords: center flowers are gone; replaced by a straight sword and a more mature growth of plant

3 coins: marvelous; easily the most balanced and decorative of the four cards; more movement, more ease to the eye.


This thread has started out really nicely! :)

The first thing that came to my mind was that it would be useful to discuss a little what threes mean. Twos were easy - duality, and all that stuff. Threes are a little more complex. I will just discuss one aspect here:

A three forms the first geometrical figure. The triangle. A triangle normally points up, or down (and sometimes sideways, but that is more rare). So if it points up, it's pointing to the spiritual or the mental realms. If it's pointing down, it's pointing to the material or the earth realms. (Well, at least that's my take.)

So if we look at the Three of Coins and Three of Cups, the triangle is pointing up. In the Three of Batons, there is a triangle pointing both ways. In the Three of Swords, goodness me, there isn't a triangle. Uh-oh.

(It can also be useful to note that the third cup, baton and sword seem to have grown out of the central flowers of the two's. But where on earth did the third coin come from? Note that the Two of Coins, in the Grimaud deck, has a touch of green - very unusual for the minors.)

So from the position of the triangles, can we safely say that when the cards are read upright, the Three of Coins and the Three of Cups allow us to connect well with the Mental realms? Of course, this is wonderful for the Three of Coins, because as it's an Earth element, this provides tremendous stability. There is no more hesitation, as in the 2s, or vacillating between the spiritual and the material. Here the Three of Coins has the best of both worlds.

The Three allied with the Water element, i.e. Cups, really reinforces all matters of the heart and emotions. But where is the grounding here? A very emotional card this one is. Almost euphoric. A little unstable at times. Could point to some immaturity or inexperience in the matters of the heart.

Two triangles for the three of Batons. What more do you want? Stop complaining and get on with it, this card is ordering you. That middle Baton really holds the whole thing together. It's almost like a sceptre - gives one great power. There is not need for hurry or confusion. All is clear and nothing stands in your path. As Rusty Neon pointed out, the Batons are slightly thicker here too. An important thing to remember. This is a great card when one is wanting to start up a new activity (when it's upright, I mean).

And now our three of Swords. Poor little card - no triangle. Does it matter? Not one little bit! Three's are spirit itself. (The Christians talk about the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.) So if you have Spirit allied with Spiritual things, what more can you ask for? (Oh, but if it is reversed, what a calamities it can bring.... :( ).

(You see, this is where I have big problems with the Rider Waite and clones' 3 of Swords. It gives a picture of calamity - only one side to the picture - a heart with three swords stuck into it - what melodrama! But where is the Spirit in Spirit? The Great Unity? Nowhere, nulle part, nirgends........ but that is another story, one that, as many of you know, gives me sleepless nights :laugh: )