The Tarot of Vampyres - Ace of Grails


The element of the Grails is Water and the Grails suit represents deep feelings and emotional sensitivity.

There are 10 bright green roses in the Ace and the companion book says they symbolise emotion and are “a reminder that the fragrance of roses floats equally for everyone”. Green coloured roses additionally symbolise renewal, growth, spring, hope, health and youth. Green is the colour of the Heart Chakra so it takes on the meaning of good health. The Wheel of Fortune shows one similar bright green rose. In the Grail minors there are the same bright green roses in the Two and Three and Nine -but there are also pink roses in the Two, white and pink roses in the Three, white roses in the Ten and small pink rose buds in the Daughter of Grails wreath.

The companion book says this Chalice is The Holy Grail itself, the vessel whiuch makes itself available for the coming together of heaven and earth. It is decorated with Emeralds, the stones of Aphrodite, the Great Goddess of love, beauty, oceans, emotions. One emerald in the center is big and heart shaped which can also be seen in the Lovers and as worn by the Empress. Maybe they are the same stone or just similar?

The animal of the Grails suit is the snake. Snakes are common in almost all cultures and in all eras of known history. The snake is a symbol of balance between opposites; sun and moon, summer and winter, water and fire, death and healing, poison and medicine. Snakes deal with the primordial life force. Some of its traditional associations are: cycles, rebirth, fertility, eternity, intuition, cunning, awareness, healing, rejuvenation and transformation.
There are snakes in several of the Majors, in the Hanged Man, in the World and in the Death. Of the Grails themselves one can find different kinds of snakes in the Two (small green one -if it is a snake he is holding?), Three (snake tattoo on the man), Five (snake woman), Six (big dark green), Seven (big bright green) and the Queen (dark green spotted one)

Some interpretations of the Ace of Grails:
-serenity, grace, tranquillity
-emotions, harmony
-Universal love, love, compassion, deep affection
-receptivity, energy flowing inwards
-art, dreams, fantasies