The Tarot of Vampyres - Death


I have a feeling this is a very old vampire. Her face looks young but her hair are grey and she has nothing but bones under her skin, she looks so fragile. Can vampires die of old age? When I look at her I think it is possible. Her friends have taken great care of putting her in her favorite dress and jewels, and to arrange her hair and her grave.

Or maybe she put herself there to rest for some time, decades or centuries who knows, and this is how dehydrated vampires look like with grey hair and nothing but skin and bones. I have a feeling she suffered a great loss, she wears a crown of black roses, a necklace with a black heart, and has dried traces of tears on her faces. She was brokenhearted and she wanted to rest and try to forget in this grave on the earth. She is now covered in spider webs and has a snake who now nest there. When she feels the time has come to come back and that she is ready to face the world again, she'll simply grab a human who passes there and drain that person completely so she can be rejuvenated again.

I want to point that the snake is the animal representing Grails, the water element, and with scorpio being a wter sign it fits well with the card.


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