The Tarot of Vampyres - Judgement


The first time I took a look quickly at the card I thought the person was a vampyre hunter and was about to decapitate the vampire that is just starting to awaken in its coffin.

Now that I really look at the card, I can see it's no vampyre hunter but a vampyre. If he was there to dig up a vampyre and kill him or to put his hands on jewels left behind by corpses he definitively got more than he bargained for. Whether the hole leads to Hell or the Underworld the man is scared and holds on his dagger for protection. Or maybe he went looking for the source of the fire and has just found it and he's scared. Indeed, we can see the whole cemetery is in fire, even the cross where the vampyre is taking hold for now, and the hole deep beneath the earth is fiery as well. His companion the panther is waiting in the back weary of the hole too. The man is dressed simply and in black, he bears a crucifix as a pendant, does he hope this will protect him?

The panther is the animal representing Scepters, the fire element.


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He doesn´t look very scared to me. He looks more like he is challenging me with his intense look and with the dagger. He has a task or a question that he wants me to face and he wants me to be brave about it. I feel like I´m called to do something which is exactly what Judgement is about: a wake up call!

He has bird skulls hanging from his necklace so the Air element is included in this card as well.


When I started to study Quaballah for the intensive study of this deck, I started seeing such elements in the cards.

In the case of Judgment, the quaballistic elements for this card is fire and spirit. So I'm guessing those flames represent fire and the bird skulls spirit.