The Tarot of Vampyres - Queen of Knives


This female vampire fully dressed in white is sitting on a throne. She looks like the older version of Claudia from the vampire books by Anne Rice. She holds a dagger in her bloody left hand. Her cold analytic blue eyes seem to be piercing though the surface. She's not the type to give in to emotions. She is definitively more calm and assured than her children. Her raven companion gives her insights and advices, he also connects her to her air element. She does not tolerates fools, she has used that dagger of hers quite a few times. It is interesting to note that there are swirls on her throne and on the wall behind her; the swirls on her throne look like sea shells, that could represent her being water in air.


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She and her familiar raven (crow?) have a symbiotic relationship. She sees thruough its eyes and he gets to feast on what she leaves. She's fastidious; this arrangement suits her. she does not shy away from the 'unpleasantness' of the Natural world. She is familiar with the processes of Death. She is a mortician, a coroner, an archaeologist, a ghoul, a vampire (of course!), a nurse; she has an appreciation of carrion. One bloody finger points at her legs..she seems to have hitched up her elaborate lace dress to show us her legs..there is a (disturbing?) juxtaposition here I think? My initial response is Memento Mori, she's beautiful now, but its temporary. She likes to remind people of what they shy away from. She is sharp-tongued.


just a note:
the pattern on her dress appears to be woven from the same fabric as the priestesses.