The Tarot of Vampyres - Seven of Knives


This vampire has been locked in this room but she is letting her emotions getting the better of her and she cannot think clearly. She is obviously so confused she hasn't seen the key on the ground. Her attempts to open the door with the dagger is futile.

Or with her self-doubt, defeatist attitude, lack of self-confidence and self-sabotaging she created her own prison and poor situation. The key to the exit is contained within her, she has to fight the moon influence on her and let the mind gain control to make her see clearly what is really happening and what she's doing to herself.

The moon symbol is on her shoulder and the aquarius symbol is on the dagger. I mention this because 7 of Swords is moon in aquarius.

I want to point that since the deck is heavily inspired by the Thoth, the keyword for this card is FUTILITY.