The Tarot of Vampyres - Star


The vampyress in front is a witch of healing, she uses vampire blood for healing and curing. She is pouring blood to two different places: one rosebush on the left that has healed and has blossomed beautiful roses and the bouquet of roses on the right that has yet to be healed. She wears a beautiful indigo dress and she has the six-rays star symbol on her chest, meaning as above so below, two elements well integrated. There is a cross right next to her with a crow on it. She has a novice in the back who wants to learn this magic and who is paying attention to what she is doing. And in the far back there is a shining star showing there is light in darkness, that good can be found in the strangest places or can come out from negatives things.

I want to point that the raven is the animal representing Knives, the air element, and with aquarius being an air sign it fits well with the card.


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