The Tarot of Vampyres - Strength


This beautiful fiery woman is a gypsy dancer. She walks with her feet naked, being one with nature. She uses her cup to tell the fortune of the people she meets, using blood instead of tea. The strange black panther she has, it has red eyes after all, is the same as the red roses that are there, beautiful but with thorns, making contacts with it hard to handle. Yet with love, patience and understanding. she has tamed the beast and she uses it into her tricks. But even though she has tamed it she has not domesticated it and she respects that aspect of wildness within it. She is in her way to the vampire court to show them her latest spectacle.

I want to point that the black panther is the animal representing Scepters, the fire element, and with leo being a fire sign it fits well with the card.


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She appears to be kin to the Queen of Scepters...
Both with fiery red hair, panther companions, and in the presence of red thorny roses.


You're right! I'd never really paid attention to that before but now that you mention it... Good find!!!