The Tarot of Vampyres - The Empress


Green of vegetation all over the place: the apples, the dress, the jewels, the background. She is Venus, Mother Goddess. She is not some naive girl though, she is strong and defiant, eager to show where she stands in the hierarchy: at the top. And she doesn't take well fools and vain courtiers at her court. She can be generous, loving and kind but cold and heartless when needs to be, she is life and death wrapped in one. She's not the type you want to cross. She likes the good life and the refinement her position provides.


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Mermaid Queen

What does it mean when she is someone's "Soul" card?


I just finished the 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card Study Group and I used this particular card for all those 21 Steps! It was an interesting journey and I highly recommend that study group for everyone.
I have to say I really got to know this Empress very well during my studies and I really agree with the excellent description of WolfyJames above. The Empress is a no-nonsense Mother Goddess, serene, calm and wise. She is both a Dark Goddess and a Light Goddess in one; not good or bad but more like a force of Nature.