The Tarot of Vampyres - The Lovers


I don't have the feeling of someone being turned in this card, but rather a couple deeply in love who has been together for quite some time and they're feeding on each other. They're tasting and sharing their essence, their memories of each other, joined together. They both have a heart pendant but the color is different. I think the contrast is interesting between her blond hair and her black dress and his black hair and his golden shirt, sort of yin yang, they complete each other. There is a butterfly with white and black patterns mirroring the two lovers.


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The Lovers

It has been quiet a long time since I have posted here, but here it goes! The butterfly that you mentioned is actually a death head moth, if you look carefully you will see a skull on top of the moths head hence the name. So as the the Lovers is often a card about choice, a choice between two different paths, I feel this apt as these two have made a choice to be together for eternity. A choice of staying mortal or becoming immortal, they chose the later so they could be together for ever, the rapture clear on their faces. So I always think carefully when this card shows up as the choice can have far reaching repercussions felt for many months, years or even eternity!



Nice to see someone else walking in these quiet halls:) Thank you for your comment tarotlova!
Here´s what I have in my T. of Vampyres notebook about moths.

Moths can be a symbol of:
*allure: subtle allure and scented trails (pheromones)
* intuition : as a nocturnal creature
* disguise: it can blend in when necessary, it can adjust and adapt when the situation requires it
*transformation: metamorphosis inside a cocoon
*vulnerability: it follows the light (of the moon) at any cost so it is open to distraction and vulnerable to harm

And a quote I got from a book by psychoanalyst Irene Claremont de Castillejo:
" Moth represents a woman´s soul. It has to be protected from strong winds of masculine spirit. Too bright sun of consciousness and over-intellectualization can harm it".