The Tarot of Vampyres - Three of Skulls


A female vampire is spinning a yarn, but this is no ordinary yarn. There is a spider at the top left that produces cobwebs and this is what the vampire is using. Like the spider the vampire is patient and meticulous in her work. She wears a beautiful vaporous nightgown that has an earthy color, she may have made it herself using those cobwebs. There is blood on the wall.

The mars symbol is on the spider and the capricorn symbol is on the dresser at the bottom left. I mention this because 3 of coins is mars in capricorn.

I want to point that since the deck is heavily inspired by the Thoth, the keyword for this card is WORK.


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I like the idea of the vampire dress made of cobweb string. Here is my take on that card. Work yes, but cooperation, making things together, project worker.

For me it stresses up that every single thing is made up of countless conditions. Even most bizarre and fascinating creations of nature - spiders and their webs, each so unique and still their existence can be traced back to their adjustments to environment. Charles Darwin comes to mind somehow when I see this card.

Vampires body is visible through the transparent fabric. Body, physical form - the effect of past actions. And now in that card the moment of creating the future not in the vacuum but through the countless web of invisible connections.


On 22 Aug 2013 Barbara Moore wrote about the 3 of Skulls for the Llewellyn website. In the "Art of Tarot 4" she compared spinning to the art of tarot reading, saying that "you have to train your muscles to do the work while letting your mind let go so that the magic and beauty of the universe can flow through you."