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Another question I often get asked is :
Now that i know, who my guide is, do I have to shapeshift into him?
My personal, experience born answer to that is NO!
My Medicine Animals, guides would be royally pis..d if I would try to become Them! But what often I trance or simple journeying happens is as follows: the journeyer = you see and meet your Animal guide and that one wants to show you something, lead you somewhere and you can not really follow. You can run like the wind, fly, dive, swim but still cann not keep up, and theen you turn into another animal like your Guide, so you are both of equal abilities. Now to take this up a notch your guide may change and shift appearances = from Wolf to Dolphin to Snake to Ant depending on ...... the journey and its intent. That can be exhilarating and frightening if , as a Shark, You = good old plain you yourself realize that now you have to breath under water and are getting scared. - Well breath!!! The Shark'ss way, you will be fine!
Now at this stage of the story I always ask you, the journeyer: Can you see yourself in the journey = see 2 sharks, Wolves ants, one being you??????
Or can you only see your fins, legs, paws = ARE you the animal????
Why is the difference soooo important? Because it tells me if this is still a form of "journeying" visualization brought on by a mixture of Will, Ego and Imagination = low Alpha state or if you are the critter = your human consciousness in gone and with it large portions of your neocortex are "of line" opening up the angular gyros structure in the brain and giving full access to the limbic brain, the center of emotions and ...... well lets not go there yet It will get everyone sidetracked....
When You become the critter's) you may not really remember everything and it may feel strange, open and "Different" Smells are VERY intensified and so are sounds and colours, there are totally different colour spectrums out there that animals see in and humans often think for example dogs can only see black and white and grey because of the cones and rods in their brains, what these smarties do not realize is that a dog - or canine can also smell colours and the stuff all goes to different parts in a crittter's brain and forms a different picture with different colours and feelings altogether alien to humans....
But that only happens or can happen in a fulll shapeshift in Theta trance!

It can be VERY scary first time around.
So what shapeshifts????
1) your consciousness
2) your perception
3) your brain function and the way it is able to-> take IN< information!!!!!!!!
4) the way your

Shitt - got to go, my patient is here! See you tonight! No spellcheck on this one!


Oh well; it is almost 11.00 amd I just got home! Sorry for letting things hang in mid sentence....
now... let me see if i can find that train of thought again...
3) your brain function and the way it is able to-> take IN< information!!!!!!!!
4) the way your brain is processing that information is also different: With the limbic system in control you are not so much analyzing but
ana- feeling / sensing information and sorting it to other similar feelings and hunches and smells and sensations = this feels green and that too so both are growing feelings.... very different than normal.
5) the way you are able to retain and retrieve that information, when back in ordinary consciousness is also very tricky because now the neocortex has taken control again and often it happens that that one does not really know what to make of these strange and animistic senses and notions and knowings and so often people have almost no or incomplete recount of what exactly happened... It is like a dream, If you do not train to remember it (and write it down+tell it here!!) you will loose it or it will get fussy when the day goes on and then you may loose it or just remember bits and pieces when a specific memory is triggered.....
6)And then It can happen, that with the Power of ritual, drumming and chants you are not the only one that went into trance and others that also went to a similar realm may have been able to actually perceive your transformation and since sensing is seeing they may have seen you change into a........ animal!!
I would give some examples here if you guys are interested...

Tonight however I am wet toast in the garbage bin! = My brain is in no mode of any kind anymore....And whatever i am rambling about .... may just be rambling... so let me know for tomorrow...

And a tip for stories on shapeshifting : go to Wikipedia Shapeshifting and scroll down! there are MANY!
And the one about Egle’, Queen of Serpents could be from Moon mind!
Good night! :)


Mi-Shell said:
6)And then It can happen, that with the Power of ritual, drumming and chants you are not the only one that went into trance and others that also went to a similar realm may have been able to actually perceive your transformation and since sensing is seeing they may have seen you change into a........ animal!!

I'm sitting here open mouthed! Please tell us more! This is such a fascinating thread.

Guiding Cauldron


this has answered my call. i have been wanting to learn from someone older, wiser, more knowledgable about shamanism. it links well with my blossoming hedgewitch beliefs in healing and earth, self preserving and teaching others. i also have a native american spirit guide with me amanika, he is stern, but kind :)

i have started to read this thread with great intrest and to be honest i am writing this in part to save this so that i may find it easier the next time!

after i read all i may like to ask for a sitting space as well. blessed be xx


Good to have you here!


Shifty busines......part 2

personal experiences with “shapeshifting”

So do I turn into a wolf or not? yes or no = simple question the answer is I have no clue! + depends whom you ask! I however know, that these following things happened and there were always up to 30 onlookers present, who told me and each other what they saw....
Scenario: last Friday during a morning drum circle: there is a sweet elderly participant who is very sick and on O2 while drumming with us. Like I often do I went over to him and standing behind him gave him some energy, very much in the way reiki practitioners may be familiar with -but also very way deeper and “different” everyone drummed and I started to chant a healing chant. he went into trance, so did several people across from me, one lady added her energy into the mix, 1started crying and several were just your typical observers. This went on for a while until all of a sudden one lady put her hand to her mouth and gasped wide-eyed ..... as I have been told = I did not see her, I was not there at all, if anything I was a blue blip of energy deep within my charges body and soul, “seeing all what was yet again worse and..... (cant tell = confidentiality issues)
Anyway later I heard fron 2 people that they say an OWL, grayish white, suspended above the gentleman and I was .....?? gone....??!
I did not remember or consciously turn into my healing Miahanit and just remember the matrix of the time/ place continuum shifting, becoming fluid instead of everyday “rigid” = fixed = when a chair is just a chair and not fluid Energy.... and Energy “bending” the way it does, when I work with someone.....
The gentleman later told me that I have hands like feathers and he loves it when I “lift the weight” out of him.... I could during the healing happening “see” that his diuretics need readjusting , he had too much of it and next day he phoned and his Doc had halved the dose......

Another scenario:
On a retreat for drummers that I attend when I can, I was asked to do a ritual involving Animal Guardians and contacting your inner ANIMA and receiving advice from it...... so there i was, in full shamanic garb and mask dancing Wolf to get everyone to Shift Consciousness..... after all they all paid the organizer 300 dollars for it, to have a real....... to have me over....?
So chanting drumming and dancing and becoming a Wolf in the process myself I went from one participant to the other and let them whisper a question into my fearsome maw and gave them an “answer”
=It was not me = scruffy old Mi-Shell but nothing but a “hollow bone" they talked to, since from Wolf I change “down to an old gnawed up hollow bone, left over from Wolf’s last meal. When that happens I can “see”
So on this went and then there were one participant: When I came up to her she started SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEAMING at the top of her lungs, wiggling away from me in her chair and then I saw at the ends of my furry forelegs not my Mi-Shell hands, not my Wolf Paws bur the LAAAAArge calloused scarred hands of an older man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It freaked Wolf out and he started howling with the pain and horror that She = the lady felt.....
PLEEEEASE, DADY, DoN’T she then screamed, I was a good girl and I ... Oh please Daddy , don't.......... These were the hands of the big bad wolf that was molesting his daughter....... Wolf knew that and Bit them hard!
The only problem there was that Wolf bit that hand = ( I bit my own hand,)
Swallowed it, swallowed the arm, the torso the whole stinking piece of shi.....) and then dropped to the floor shaking and poisoned by the experience, dying from it, dismembering fading away into gooey sticky green goop......

Then what made the whole thing worse was that the organizer , inexperienced with Shamanism came up to the wetched heap on the floor and touched it, sending wolf into an nasty netherworld death without resurrection and me beneath it into a series of boneratteling shaking convulsions until ordinary consciousness flickered back on and .......... retching and shaking I found myself in the middle of a group of stunned participants and - Wolf-savers! They all had seen a real wolf die from poisoning and the word Bastard was on everyone's lips because it was clear, what had happened to that little girl long ago!!!!!

I later talked to her and she said that seeing me / Wolf eat him and die, freed her of 23 years of inner horror!
He died 4 months later and she is now married and expecting......

And I have to shapeshift/ mind shift my bum outside and we will get the last freshly logged wood onto toboggans and out of the bush.....
See you tonight!


.....ok, trail into bush too soft now, so
a cup of hot chocolate for me and a Wolf pic someone toook at the beginning of that event i told you about...


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Bat Chicken

I don't know what else to say - other than I may have to get out and join you for this from time to time. This takes all that "Secret" and "What the Bleep" stuff to a whole other level of understanding, eh?

Moon mind

Wow Mi-shell!
That is amazing! your story!
I don't have much words at the moment... but
that is the word i can say right now.

you know, i actually printing some of thisa stuff and keeping it!

Moon mind

and (sorry to be rude..)
I forgot:
I love YOUR costume!