The Touchstone Tarot~Six of Coins


Generosity-being generous and in a position to help others.

The lady in this card has the air of a moneylender about her.
Others seem to be taking more than they are giving.

The set of scales she is holding seem to represent her trying to find the right balance.
Is she being overly generous, and giving too much, or perhaps not giving enough and being a bit mean.


Thank you Stargazer for the new cards!

The Six of Coins woman definitely seems to be "weighing" who truly needs the money. For me, this card is not just about giving and receiving, but also about using balanced judgment. In some cases, I think giving to others just enables them to continue in their behavior (for instance the addict who says he wants money for food but really just needs a fix). On the other side of the coin is the person who may need to learn to ask for help and accept it when offered.
And the giver: what will she require in return?


Yes, thank you for getting this started again Stargazer!
bodhran said:
For me, this card is not just about giving and receiving, but also about using balanced judgment.

Well said Bodhran! I totally agree. As you touched on this card is not simply about giving, it is about receiving. Often when looking at the 6 Coins/Pentacles I think of what Rachel Pollack had to say in her book 78 Degrees of Wisdom. With this card she really emphasized that you can only give what people are willing to receive, and I think that goes hand in hand with using balanced judgement when it comes to that giving. Be it money, your advice, your time, your help...

Often we think of this card in terms of purely money and resources and while it does have that meaning I think it is important to dig further when it pops up in a reading. If you are the giver or the receiever the motives behind it are important (I think).

To me, the woman doesn't look mean. I think she looks tired. Moneylending may be her business and one that is profitable for her (she is wearing beautiful clothes) but perhaps from time to time she gets tired of only focusing on the needs of others. The way she holds her scales reminds me of Justice in that she isn't "divine" but human. Weighing the needs of others and determining what they truly need and what they don't is a job better suited to "the powers that be"! and perhaps more fair.