The Universe


I frequently read in threads comments about asking the Universe for help or leaving things to the Universe to sort out.

I am very curious about what you all mean???

From my point of view, the Universe is the name for the vast space in which our planet and all of the other planets and stars live. I don't not believe it has intelligence, that it is either malignant nor benign, and therefore that it does not have any concern over what I do or don't do with my life.

The creating force behind the Universe.... I tend to believe such a thing exists. But I believe this great intelligence is occupied with much greater issues than whether I get a particular job or a new house or not. I cannot see any reason why this creating force would care about our brief, insignificant lives, nor any reason to believe it is particularly friendly or nice.


It seems (to my understanding) to stem from the belief that all things from a grain of sand to a planet, ie the Universe, has a kind of consciousness or awareness of it's own. That this awareness, when combined into a whole = the creator or God as such. It is that awareness that underpins all existence and so tapping into that helps us to both understand and change our reality.

For thousands of years, all over the globe, the trio of mind, body, spirit have been considered highly important and, from what I have read and experienced this ties in with the 'Universe' concept of asking for help. When all three combine then change happens in that direction. Might not be immediate but somehow we are part of the bigger decision making process and hence how our consciousness is part of a larger, cosmic consciousness, ergo, we all have the spark of the creator within us and equally, we all get a say in how things work or change (to a certain extent)

That's how I understand it but your belief is yours to explore and follow.


When I first got into tarot I really didn't have any spiritual or religious beliefs. I didn't believe in any entities or Gods or Goddesses. I think for me the universe served as a way of explaining the energy why things happened. So if I did a tarot reading and the cards that came out seemed to be really fit, it seemed to be that some sort of universal energy was determining those cards. I guess it was the source that made things happen, destiny and karma. I know there have been threads here which are long and argumentative about free will vs destiny but I believe the universe determines your life path.

I believed the universal energy was the source giving me the messages to differentiate it from just pure coincidence.

As I have been studying the tarot I have got more spiritual and back into Paganism. However for me I still think "The Universe" determines things like how you end up. There is almost a life path mapped out that you might leave with free will and then a new path is made. so I do equate it with destiny for me personally.

Some healing therapies believe in the universe as a healing energy, Chinese medicine, Feng Shui, Chi and Reiki all believe in that energy flowing as a "healing thing". Other energy medicines as well.

You write an interesting point Anna about does the universe care? where as people worship different Gods and Goddesses and believe they provide the energy into their lives, the Gods want to help them in some way and then the worshipper gives thanks. I think the universe does care, in my beliefs it has this road map for each person and that contains bad and good things. I think people ask the universe for help when everything is going bad. Perhaps it cares that we reach the end of the road map that is destined for each person, if you believe in destiny. Like each person has a universal purpose in some way. I am still really exploring this area spirituality :)


I have always understood that by saying 'the Universe', a person means 'all that is' in the sense of the ineffable. That being said, whether the ineffable cares about each tiny speck of life, i.e. us, is an open question.


It really depends on what your definition of "care" is, and if you decide upon a definition, then what "it" cares about is another question. I don't actually have a defined opinion, but I think it is important to define the questions properly. If there is a Supreme Being, can we ascribe human characteristics to It such as "caring" or "not caring?" When talking of infinity, are there "larger" and "smaller" concerns?

The Talmud attempts to answer the question why God created the earth. There are many answers, but the most popular is that He didn't need to, but desired to see his goodness and infinity witnessed? In other words, outpouring of parts of God is considered goodness, and since God is infinite, it is through the very largest and smallest that he experiences himself. The popular form of the Tree of Life has a similar answer to Creation.

The above anecdote isn't to show anyone is wrong, exactly, but that I feel that perhaps the original question itself may be unfair somewhat, and leading to a specific answer. This is perhaps the Karma thread but from the other side.


I cannot see any reason why this creating force would care about our brief, insignificant lives, nor any reason to believe it is particularly friendly or nice.

There is one reason ... egocentrism ... thats a powerful force, it can make the earth the centre of the Solar System and the Universe ... it make a person the centre of the universe.


Again ... one of my favourite documents (Liber Librae) has something to say on this;

14. Remember that this earth is but an atom in the universe, and that thou thyself art but an atom thereon, and that even couldst thou become the God of this earth whereon thou crawlest and grovellest, that thou wouldest, even then, be but an atom, and one amongst many.

The other side is that you are a uniques individual, through out this vast scheme there is only one 'you'. A totally unique and individual combination.

For me, the 'Universe' means everything; cosmic and terrestial forces and patterns, physical matter and energy ... whatever 'plans' are going on (beats me what they are ???) but if not intelligence, certainly some sort of 'intelligent design' principle.


What a great question, Anna!

I find myself referring to "The Universe" without defining (to myself) what it really means.

On one level, I understand the universe in astronomical terms (okay, not "understand," but for my level of scientific training [physics, calculus, etc.]).

On another level, I am thinking of it as something that is all inclusive. It is everything, All (with a capital A). I throw it out there and see what comes back (mostly nothing unless I make some sort of effort). I live my life simply and with good intention towards myself and the universe in general (ALL). Sometimes I'm the windshield, sometimes I'm the bug. But at least I made an effort. That is all I ask of myself.

That is my clumsily worded view of "The Universe."


My thought is if the Universe is the all, and we are components of the universe in the atoms we are made of and the energies and laws of physics that define our mortal life, then the Universe is a part of us as much as we are part of it.

Perhaps our intentions cause change and reaction because like the smallest cell in our body, we are still part of that enormous body.

Some schools of belief feel that we pre-define the major milestones and circumstances guiding our lives before we incarnate here, so it could as simply be those mechanisms working in line with what we intuitively feel/desire.

While our intentions and wishes do seem to be provided for, there are still those harsh learning events, as well as the way that the events in each person's life takes them on a path to a destination, yet each person is provided for and arrives at their destination in a way that complements or teaches/helps others, not only ones self. The universe could simply be keeping order by ensuring that the "organ", I.E., Earth and the things living on it, are working cohesively and together whether they realize it or not.

That is my thought, but there are so many possibilities


"As above, so below; as below, so above." [Hermes Trismegistus: The Emerald Tablet.] The Macrocosm and Microcosm mirror one another. There is a surrealistic painting by someone (I can't recall whom), which depicts a man turned inside out. His internal organs are floating around him in space, while the physical universe is within the shell of his body. This illustrates the reciprocal relationship between the individual human being and the universe. In the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus teaches that the Kingdom of Heaven will be here when the inside is as the outside and the outside as the inside. (I think I got that right. It's bedtime for me. :)), which is a restatement of the Emerald Tablet thesis.

Anyhow, it does seem from the wisdom literature that there is an intimate connection between the individual and the universe. Therefore it may not not too farfetched to look to the universe for solutions to personal issues. Alhough the main thrust of the literature is mystical rather than practical, I wouldn't be at all surprised if cosmic consciousness helps one to cope with down-to-earth issues, at least in the sense of providing a broader perspective on everything.

Please forgive if all of the above is new to you and makes no sense at all.