The Unmentionable


The Honest Courtesan: Veronica Franco, Citizen and Writer in 16th Century Venice


Margaret T. Rosenthal
University of Chicago Press.
Denouncing the courtesan....

...would attack the heart of the unfaithful man and so hammer away at him that he would be compelled to return.) One such ritual made use of the tarot cards, especially the one that portrayed the devil, which they would place next to the light until a certain time of day when prayers were addressed to it and formulas were recited. Franco's disavowal of invoking the devil was not only designed to exonerate her of heretical beliefs but must also have been calculated to set her apart from the popular practises of other less sophisticated courtesans..."

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Very fascinating line of thought.
Also makes one wonder what might be locked up and out of view in the Vatican libraries that could be Tarot related.