The uruz rune - just some clarification on some wording


Because of imminent changes now taking place in my life I have resorted very much to the tarot and on a few occasions the runes. One new rune which showed up for me when asking what energies did I need to acquire in this next phase over the next 3 months, i got;

Fehu reversed



I know what they all are referring to and all very relevant in the changes that are taking place, the changes I need to take place, and relevant in the patterns I need to change......with the Uruz rune I just wasn't sure what exactly meant when I read this little excerpt from its meaning..."The organic patterning energy of Uruz laces up the skin " ..... does this mean becoming thicker skinned in order to make my way....? Is this a physical meaning also?

Have been going through a dreadful tough time, and I know tougher times ahead...but a means to an end here. Could someone enlighten me a little further what this little excerpt description means? Thanks in advance anyone.


uruz is strength, you need to be strong perhaps?