The Vanessa Tarot - My latest tarot endeavor


well, even if i've yet to publish the sailor tarot, or finish the masque tarot (in fact, some to think of it, i haven't updated it in a while [though sum new cards are almost complete]), here's my latest take on the tarot. the vanessa tarot, dedicated to some friends, and named after our dear friend vanessa who has a certain predilection for cutesy dolls. so far, i've uploaded only 4 cards, but i've coloured some more. haven't shaded them, though. a friend suggests not to shade them anymore, since shading wouldn't really fit the style. or so he says. well, i'm still contemplating on shading or not. these are just the images themselves, as i haven't put it in card form (i.e. with borders, title, number, etc.). plus, i haven't thought of a card back design yet.

meanwhile, here they are:

hope ya like them. :)

ps. i just realized that i haven't been spending time here as much as i ued to. i miss the forums. ahehe


it's so cute!

your friend is right, don't shade it. shading would ruin the cutesy cartoonish look of them. i think they're great! i would so buy that just to have a cute deck. :) lol.. and i really like your strength card!


These are really good fun and very nicely done! FINISH this one! It'll be worth it.

All the best with it :)

Faerie Lin

Okay I would DEFINITELY buy this deck if you ever got it published! Its too darn cute and sassy not to!

Another opinion here to not shade it!

Can't wait to view more! :D


Hi farstucker! Great work! These cards are really fun!

Can you tell us more about your process? What is the medium? Are they digital? Did they start that way? etc. etc. etc ...

always curious,


edited: How tacky. I'm sorry, I looked up the wrong name. I should have addressed the above to Blue Fusion.



Fabulous! Very sassy, as Faerie Lin says. Quite a modern look, but the traditional meanings still seem to be poking through. It looks like it will be a very fun deck.


These cards are delightful. Fairie Lin is right -- "sassy" is a wonderful word to describe them. I would definitely buy this deck -- it's cute and non-threatening, without being shallow. Very well done.


Delightful. As for the shading, I dunno. I suspect it would produce an entirely different experience, which might be just as good as the unshaded. Do you need it? I don't think so. Would it be fun to see examples? Yes.



Love the cards! So nice, so innocent, such fun to look at them. And I agree with some of the comments here - do not shade them. They are so lovely as they are. Clear, bright, colourfull!
Keep up the good work!


I really enjoy this deck! It's about time someone did a deck in that 'Bratz' style, and this is quite well done. It'll be interesting to see how you approach some of the more 'male' cards. Please keep us updated on your progress!