The whole-of-life spread


This spread is one I use for strangers who don't really have an issue they're focussed on. It prefers a good-sized table, as it takes more room than - say - the Celtic Cross.


Cards 1-12 are laid face-up. Cards 13-15 are laid face-down and to one side, in reserve.

The top row is the present.

The second row is the way forward, either shorter-term events or the best way to deal with the present situation.

The bottom row is likely outcomes if nothing is changed by the querent.

Cards 1-3 are home and family. This is where I'd expect accommodation issues to surface, also relationships with parents, children, siblings. This is not, generally, where partners surface, even if they do live with you.

Cards 4-6 are about work, money, business, employment, investment. They can deal with work-oriented education.

Cards 7-9 are about relationships, the heart, where you put your emotional energy. In people who are happy without a relationship, they describe what's going on where their emotions ARE invested most strongly.

Cards 10-12 are about health strengths and weaknesses and things likely to impact the health.

The cards that are put to one side can either be used to clarify and expand on a row that the querent may have questions about, or can be used to answer a question they have that the spread didn't cover at all. I sometimes spontaneously lay it out as a fifth column, dealing with a person's spirituality. About half the time the client will be satisfied, and you'll never turn them over and look at them.

This is an excellent spread for professional readers - it caters to most of what most clients want to know about, and allows the flexibility, via the three extra cards (and any others you'd like to pull) to go much deeper into one part of their life or another. I've earned thousands upon thousands of dollars out of this spread alone, over the years, and have a lot of very happy clients.


Yup, this is what I was looking for. General but also with the potential to narrow down on a specific area.

I like your spread, thank you for sharing, I hope you`ll show us more.:)


Glad you like the look of it - I'd be interested to hear how it works in practice for you.


nisaba said:
Glad you like the look of it - I'd be interested to hear how it works in practice for you.

As soon as I get newbies sniffing around my cards and wanting me to read for them, I`ll let you know how this spread worked.

Just as a first impression, I have a good vibe from it, I feel it very solid, straight forward and powerful.


A good practical spread. Nice!


what are card 13-14-15 for??


NamasteIndia said:
what are card 13-14-15 for??

The last two paragraphs of the original post explain how the face down cards (13, 14, 15) can be used.


Dear Nisaba,

As I promised, I come with some feed back about this spread.

I use it quite often, more and more people asking me for readings do not really have a question in mind. It works well, cards make sense always.

Still, I have a problem regarding the positions 2 and 3 and their inter-play, I feel something must be put it differently, maybe to switch their places (also, there is a great chance that I did not understand correctly what you meant with those positions)

So I read the cards and the message but I alter a little bit the positional meanings you indicate.

I will try to explain:
2 - way to go, moving forward, advice
3 - outcome if nothing is done - (here is my resistance - this "nothing is done" cannot go with number 2) I feel it should be named in different way - for now I read position 3 as the follow up weather the advice in 2 in followed, so something IS done.

But, for the future, I have more and more the feeling to change 2 with 3, in something like this:
1 - present situation
2 - things coming into play in immediate future, likely outcome if nothing is done
3 - advice to optimize, correct or alter the evolution described in 2, if wanted


just what i was looking for thank you :)