The Wild Unknown Tarot - Ace of Wands


This is a very simple image but because of the use of colour, it really packs a punch.

A blossoming stick or wand is in the centre of the card; just a regular looking stick with small, white blossoms growing on it. The wand is against a white background and emanating from it, like a sunburst are rays of golden and orange light. It looks like the wand has caused a quick flash of energy. The blossoms show the potential for growth and also signify life energy - it's a living wand.

Aces are the essence of the suit. They show the beginning and also the whole so within the Ace is all of the potential of the suit.

Fire - what does the element of fire represent?
Well, fire is cleansing, transformative, warming, life giving and also destructive.
Fire needs to be controlled, if it's not contained it can quickly become very dangerous.
Fire needs to be fed.. Without fuel and oxygen fire quickly burns out.

In people, fire is the energy that we need to do something, fire is the creative spark and it's also desire and passion that burns within us. So it's ambition, passion, sexual energy, anger and action.
Someone with a fiery personality is goal oriented, ambitious, maybe a bit of show-off, someone who gets bored easily and loses interest if the excitement level isn't maintained.

So this card is a flash of energy, it shows that change is possible, it could be an opportunity, a chance, something not to be missed.. With the Aces the energy is there but it's not being used and if we want it then we must grab it and use it.
Fire energy could also be a flash of anger, a loss of control.


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I love what you wrote Sulis.
Especially about the fire. It fits seamlessly with my impressions of the card.
I see in the colours the colours of the first three chakra's. The root one is red, the second is orange and the third yellow.Like the rays from the branch.
People who are unable to do something with there live, who have thousands of planns but never see them through. Those people usally have a blocked second chakra. This card is quite the opposite. The orange shines bright. A time for new ideas. From the base of your being to acivity to getting them out in public with the yellow of the third chakra.


Thanks for adding that information about chakras Maan; very useful with this card and you're right, it shows the flash of inspiration right through to doing, all in the colours..


Thanks for this group! I received these cards as a gift a few months ago. It took me a while to pick them up and start working with them, but wow! have they grown on me!

The blossoms show the potential for growth and also signify life energy - it's a living wand.

There are only two cards in this suit that have blossoms growing on the wands. I love thinking of this ace as a living wand. A spark of creation is within us, along with everything we need to help it grow. We just need to learn to tend to it.


A spark of creation is within us, along with everything we need to help it grow. We just need to learn to tend to it.
I really like this reluctantmystic.. Needing to tend the spark of creation in order to help it to grow is something I don't generally associate with this Ace but you're right, fire needs to be tended, often very gently or it goes out.. Thanks for this, it's going in my journal :).


I love the imagery on this card. The first thing I think of is the Big Bang. This card shows that there are limitless possibilities available.

I have been reading Happy Fish's blog while I work through learning this deck, and she makes a lovely connection between this wand's branches and the fool. I agree with her that this is likely the same branch from which the fool makes the leap.

Basileia Hera

It's funny that you mention that Hash! I drew the Fool and the Ace of Wands back to back and immediately noticed the similarity.

This is the message I took away from the AoW:

Increase in Energy
You've leapt off the branch with both wings open and the panic set in. The free fall sent you spiralling down and just when you thought you'd hit the ground with a splat you're hit with a new burst of energy. You believe you can take on anything. But don't be afraid of your new confidence. Sometimes this kind of explosion within us makes it overwhelming sometimes to just go for it. Don't let yourself be held back. Go for it, but try to maintain control of the situation at all times. If at any point you ever feel like your control is slipping, reground yourself and make sure that you're moving forward with the right intentions.