The Wild Unknown Tarot - Father of Swords


I'm not very good with owl species but this guy looks like an Eagle Owl to me..

The background is dark, fading to light at the bottom of the card and the image is dominated by a very majestic looking owl (an eagle owl) who is perching on and holding a rainbow coloured sword. He is standing on / holding it by the hilt and it falls diagonally across his shoulder, a little like a soldier shouldering a gun or bayonet.. The owl looks directly out of the image at us with a steady, unblinking stare.

Wow, just look at those eyebrows - he looks so imposing, intimidating and stern. He makes me think of a Sergeant Major..
The Sword is the thing that really stands out in this image because of the colours - he really has mastered his element of Air so he's a master of communication and thought and since he is a Father / King and so outward looking, he uses that element in the real world..
So this guy is an intellectual, a man of learning. He is fair and balanced and can see a situation from all possible angles and he values things like truth and justice..
This guy could be a surgeon, a lawyer, doctor, public speaker, politician, or councillor, he may even be a head-master or a university lecturer. He values logic above emotion and that can often be a weakness of his; he can have trouble empathising with others.

I've added an image of the card and an image of an eagle owl too..


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The photo of the Eagle Owl is such a great find, Sulis. The Father of Swords sure does look like he's an Eagle Owl!

Owls are such a perfect symbol for the courts of the Swords, as they can look in all directions. They are alert, astute, and known for their wisdom and wise decisions. They are creatures of the night. They therefore have amazing vision, allowing them to see in the darkness what others generally miss.

The Father's sword combines all the colors of the rainbow, with the red being closest to his head. To me, this indicates where the most energy exists for this figure -- in his intellect.

This owl has a piercing, "I dare you" stare, as though he's ready to respond to and take on anything that comes his way. The idea of a Sergeant Major that you mentioned, Sulis, rings true for me as well. This Father seems quite commanding -- good at seeing the overall picture (and looking at far distances) and good at leading and directing.

He appears very logical and omniscient -- able to slice through lies and deceit with that brilliant sword of his. He would no doubt protect his family and wouldn't tolerate betrayal.

His perch is his sword, so it appears that this representation of truth and logic is what he relies on and what holds him up. He is a very powerful character -- one who commands respect and trust and who has a lot of authority. I'd be hesitant to cross him.

The "emotional colors" of blue, green, and violet are at the bottom of his sword's hilt, almost out of his range of touch. This tells me that he is distanced from his emotional side, and it's his intellect (the yellow, orange, and red that crosses the center of his body up to his head) that's his primary passion and sole focus.


Thanks Pixna, I think you've really summed him up and I love what you've said about the colours in the sword and the way they're placed..
I really like that observation about the way he's actually perched on the hilt of the sword too so truth and logic are what he relies on and what holds him up...

I really don't miss the people in this deck and that surprises me because I do like the courts, particularly in TdMs, I think they're so expressive in the older decks.. The animals and birds seem to have been chosen so well though that they have just as much to give as their human equivalents do..

Good stuff :).