The Wild Unknown Tarot - Mother of Pentacles


A mother deer lies with her fawn. The fawn is cuddled up beside her and the doe looks alert yet calm. There is a tiny bit of colour in this image - the background is a very gentle calming green, fading down to more earthy tones to represent the ground.

This image just says 'protection to me' and that fits really well with the idea of a mother and also with the Pentacle Mother / Queen...
She is concerned with practical matters and she trusts her instincts.. Her baby sleeps whilst she watches for danger, she knows that her senses are to be trusted completely and she'll get her baby to safety if she senses any danger nearby.
She's a nurturer and a provider.

In human terms the Pentacle Queen is also a good manager, she may be good at business or she may be good at running the business of a house and family and possibly a career too.. A multi-tasker who knows the value of material things and the importance of working for what you want.. She's a Queen / Mother so she has a deep understanding of her element.. She can provide for her loved ones even if money is tight because that's one of her priorities.
She's also someone who looks after herself and she understands that to be a good nurturer and provider she needs to look after herself too...

This card says to me trust your abilities, stay grounded and know what you can do. Nurture yourself and others.


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This card is so motherly and family orientated! I wanted to add a slight negative perspective to this card and that is, is the Mother Deer being too Motherly and protective? That baby Fawn looks pretty big now, should she be pushing it up on it's legs to go off and be a little more independent?

This Mother Deer obviously loves family and her home life, it's her element but also she is making a huge sacrifice for that baby Deer, she is stuck there whilst it's sleeping next to her warm body and looking out for it. But I feel a slight sadness in her expression and she wishes for something more.

In Kim's writing in the app text and in the book, it says about this card...

There's a potential for her identity to become wrapped entirely around her children and home, which leaves her needy and attached. This is the cause of most of her turmoil.
My parent friends make a lot of sacrifices for their kids and some of my Mummy friends do get sort of stuck in their situation when their kids are young. They might have a longing to do something else, like a hobby or interest which is a break from it. She wants something more in her life and maybe she can go out and get that when her baby deer is bigger. But I think her over protectiveness stems from that, this card is almost too Motherly :)


Mother of Pentacles another view

I like both of your descriptions of this card - Sulis, the nurturing aspect / Danieljuk thanks for sharing some of KK's intention

The Mother of Pentacles represents the way that I would like to work with my inner child. From a place of soft sweet motherly kindness. I could see a little pentacle possibly on the heart space of the mama deer in the picture.
My inner child can rest. Mama's got it. Mama's in charge listening with her big ears, looking with her big nose, sniffing with her nose - this Mama's on guard, but she also seems somewhat relaxed.

The MOP could suggest the importance of nurturing the Inner Child - I know thats the Fool's role in a way, too/ What other cards do you think point to Inner Child work?